How to Find Cheap Apartments in Bangkok

I stayed in Bangkok for a few months last 2013 and used it as a hub to explore other towns and cities and at the same time used it as a comfortable place to work on my online projects. Finding cheap but comfortable apartment to stay in Bangkok turned out to be very easy.

Most cheap apartments in Bangkok don’t have kitchens. At first I was thinking that I might need it since I got used to having one in my apartment in Siem Reap but then I remembered that Bangkok (or the whole Thailand) is a foodies’ paradise, there’re plenty of choices when it comes to cheap and delicious food. So in my six months in Thailand last year, I just cooked my own rice (bought a cheap rice cooker) and bought tasty local viands in my neighborhood (if I’m not feeling lazy) and if I don’t want to hassle myself, I just go to local restaurants.

Once you get settled, it’s also easy to find various medical services in case you want to get yourselves checked on your first week in Bangkok. There are many hospitals and dental clinics with English speaking staff that could help you out. For affordable dental treatments in Bangkok, state-of-the-art facilities and English-speaking dentists, visit Thantakit Dental Center.

Here are some tips that could help you find a cheap apartment in Bangkok.

How to Find Cheap Apartments in BangkokIt would be very nice to live near a park!

1. Determine where you want to stay. If you have been to Bangkok before, then you might have an idea of what each area looks like. Silom, Siam and Sukhumvit seems pricier compare to Lad Prao and Chatuchak area but those places are very near shopping malls, bars and restaurants.

2. Determine your budget. The one that I stayed in cost only 4500 Baht per month (on a six months contract) with free wifi plus around $20 for electricity and water. It’s located near Lad Prao that’s why it’s much cheaper than the one you’ll find in the popular commercial areas. You can find one as low as 3000 Baht (or maybe cheaper) and if you have a huge budget to spend on then there are also luxury condominiums or houses as well.

3. Start searching online. You can check Mr Roomfinder, 9 Apartments, and even Agoda. You can search by location and by price range. I noticed that some of the apartments listed in the first two websites are also listed in Agoda maybe to increase their occupancy for the apartments that are not occupied yet. Use these sites to search for apartments but don’t book yet since it might be cheaper if you talk to the landlord directly.

4. Contact Them. List down your chosen apartments and send them an email or give them a call to schedule your visit.

5. Visit the apartments on your list and explore the neighborhood. There are so many apartments in Bangkok and a lot of them don’t have websites nor listed in online directories.

6. Ask Important Information. In your visits, make sure to ask for the following, the rate of electricity and water per unit, availability of wifi (if it’s free or not – how much), how much is the required deposit (advance payment). Also ask which appliance or furniture is included in the rent and if there’s an option to rent an appliance from them or bring your own. Also discuss with them maintenance fees upon check out so you won’t be surprised on your last day.

7. If you’re a digital nomad

and works online, don’t forget to test their wifi. Is it fast enough for your needs?

8. Check out the neighborhood as well. Are there street lamps; are there too many Soi dogs (street dogs); are there many local restaurants and cafes around; is it near the BTS, MRT or bus stops; etc.

9. On your first day, make sure to take note of possible damages inside the apartment (if there’s any). Take a picture of it to make sure that you won’t be held accountable when you check out. Also inform the one assisting you about those damages and ask them to repair those stuff. A lot of apartments catering to foreign tenants have an English (and Thai) contract so make sure to read it carefully.

10. Do you have an additional tip? Feel free to add them in the comment section below.


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