Where to Buy DSLR in Phnom Penh Cambodia?

After saving for almost a year, I finally was able to buy my own DSLR (now I could stop borrowing), I used to have one before but I sold it to help add funds to my first backpacking trip. Initially, I was torn between buying a digicam, a micro four thirds or a DSLR but have eventually decided to go for the latter.

After making that decision, I’ve started browsing online the best place to buy a Canon DSLR in Phnom Penh.

Where to Buy DSLR in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Here are the places that I’ve checked:

1. Sorya Mall: This would probably be the biggest shopping mall in Phnom Penh (not as big though as the ones you’ll find in Manila). Check out the appliance center for some digital cameras, DSLRs and other electronics. The price though is quite high in comparison to other shops I’ve checked.

2. Around Central Market: There’s quite a handful of camera shops around the Central Market selling brand new and second hand DSLRs. I bought a new Canon 1100D in one of these shops. Unfortunately, the name of the shop was written in Khmer but below is a picture of the shop (Address:Street #53).

Where to Buy DSLR in Phnom Penh Cambodia

I’ve been to this shop thrice to check prices and to observe the traffic of customers. It seemed to me that this is a reputable shop because I’ve encountered quite a handful of people who bought more expensive cameras from them too. One Year Warranty is included but only in Cambodia though. They also don’t accept credit cards.

3. LOT Cameras and Equipment: LOT is located in #208 Monivong Boulevard, a few metres from the intersection with Charles De Gaulle Boulevard. The price is quite reasonable and seems to be a popular choice among expats. There’s a Visa Logo on the door so I presumed that they do accept credit cards.

4. I-Qlick: This shop is located near BKK 1 area and it’s hard to miss it. It’s a big shop near Lucky Market. A little pricey compare to the other stores that I’ve checked.

These are just some of the shops that I’ve visited, I’m sure that there are more smaller camera shops around the city that might also offer a nice deal. Be sure to shop around before you decide to buy a DSLR in Phnom Penh. And if you’re buying a second hand camera, be sure to inspect and test it to make sure that you’re buying something in good condition.


  1. Vi Tupas says:

    Would you mind telling me how much it cost you to buy your DLSR in Phnom Pehn? Thanks Flip.

  2. Finally bought the new toy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Hopefully you were able to find a good deal after all that comparison shopping!

  4. I’ve been to the camera shop around Central Market..Price seems to be reasonable D700 1400$ Canon 50D 630$ ( but to me those stuffs are In very bad condition.. The D700 mist be more than 100k SC, the 50D must be around 50k.) but the others D7000 Nikon are just likenew.. And price is much reasonable 830$..

    • flipnomad says:

      some items are great deals, some aren’t ๐Ÿ™‚ brand new items are cheaper though compare to other places i’ve checked… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Are you still enjoying your new camera? Learnt a few new things?


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