Cheap Universal Adapter at ACE Hardware

I’ve been cruising the malls for cheap universal adapter for some time now and the price is usually at around P1000 ($25) each. I also went to Divisoria (cheapest shopping market in Manila) just to look for one and I found one for half the price (P450).

Luckily I didnt buy it yet.

I found one at ACE Hardware for only P199 ($4.5).

It seems to be tougher than the usual round with push buttons adapter (I broke one when I was in Singapore). It’s also small and sleek which means, easy to pack in your small electronic bag.

Cheap Universal Adapter at ACE Hardware

universal adapter3

universal adapter1

This will definitely come in handy.


  1. And salamat again for another great tip! Bought the travel goodies from American Bazaar already, now heading to ACE.

  2. Thanks for the tip Flip, I need one as well 🙂

  3. kakabili ko lng nung isang araw pero mejo namahalan pa ako sa OMNI, binigyan ako ng kuya salesman Php 39 cheapest daw nila. Pero kase trusted brand naman ang OMNI. 🙂 Madame mura sa ACE jan ako nagawe kapag kelangan ng ibang travel accessories.

  4. hi, i got one in mind din, akari brand! im trying it out soon!

  5. thanks for the info flip!

  6. I bought one of this at 7 Eleven tapos price nila dun ay 285 pesos 🙁


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