Accommodation in El Nido for All Budget

There’s a variety of accommodation in El Nido that caters to all budget. Rooms can be as low as P400 or as high as more than a $100 per night. Depending on your budget, you can definitely find a place to stay in when you go to this beautiful paradise.

Below is an excel file that I made to summarize the accommodation from Sitio Pacalsada, Bgy, Corong Corong and El Nido town proper. Bear in mind that this is a list of their high season prices. Rates are definitely lower during low season (June-November), where some guesthouses slash the publish rate to a considerable amount.

Also, you can bargain for a bigger discount if you stay longer. Most guesthouses are generous enough to give you a discount if you stay for a week or so. Always try to ask for a discount.

If you stay for a month or so, you can opt to rent a cottage instead. The rate will definitely be cheaper since they are going to give you their monthly rate. Bear in mind though that this is only applicable during the low season.

If price is your main consideration, you can walk around and ask for a “boarding room”. Usually this is a spare room in a local’s houses that they rent out.

Accommodation in El Nido for All Budget

Jabole Cottages

Here’s a list of some accommodations in El Nido:

High Season Price
Guesthouse/HotelCheapestExpensiveContact NumberWifi
Stunning Vistas500250009995660888/Yes
Lugadia Beach Cottages700150009074765922No
Jabole Cottages800100009177318036No
Greenview Resort1000250009215861442No
Dreamland Beach Cottages1000250009128721463No
Talindak Beach Cottages1200120009094925944No
Jurias Pension1500150009213083204No
La Casa Teresa1500200009183861974No
Island Front Cottages1500400009296501284/No
Coral Bay Resort3000450009995661799Yes
Four Seasons4000200009204743701/Yes
Orange Pearl Resort1500150009283165996No
Las Cabanas Resort4900/pax4900/pax09178878808
El Nido Plaza Inn400(1 pax)500(2 pax)Prefers Walk InNo
Bunakidz Lodge400(1 pax)500(2 pax)09124059509No
Luis Pension House500 (3 pax)150009486642230No
Blessed Inn50050009284081939/No
Cliffside Cottages60070009197856625/No
Relucio Traveller’s Inn60080009262196640No
Marina Garden690235009176247722/Yes
Og’s Beach Pension7001400Yes
Marikit Pension800150009216377604Yes
Casa Buenavista800200009292482475Yes
Tandika Beach Cottages900100009203184882No
Dara Cottages1000120009068241299No
Rico’s Cottages1000200009294671632No
Devayn’s Inn1000180009296752851Yes
Zaniya’s Pension House1000220009198798809
Rovic’s Pension House1200170009205420695/Yes
Anang Balay Turista1250150009296033589No
Stone Pass Lodge1300150009072269213No
Chislyk Cottages1300250009198799333No
Bulskamp Inn1400240009065524624/
Inngo Inn1500150009057912429/No
Rosanna’s Cottage1500250009206054631Yes
Lally and Abet1500240009209056822/Yes
The Entalula1500250009209066550/
Nido Bay Inn1500160009266703283No
La Salangane1500420009166486994Yes
El Nido Waterfront Hostel1800300009186632771/No
Pura Vida3500420009204800012Yes
El Nido Beach Hotel3500550009208673777Yes

(Note: On the list: accommodation starting at Stunning Vistas up to Las Cabanas are all located in Bgy. Corong Corong and the rest are located in the El NIdo town proper.)

The cheapest price usually is a fan room for two. Some resorts though only offers aircondition rooms that’s why their starting price already cost a thousand pesos or two.

Some of them also offers breakfast inclusive prices such as the aircon room rate of Marina Garden or the villa rates of La Salangane. Make sure to check with them if the price that you’re paying already includes your breakfast.

This list does not include all accommodations, there are a few that I wasnt able to list such as the guesthouses in Caalan and some more in the El Nido town. Please be aware that prices mentioned here are accurate at the time of writing but may change without prior notice based on each owner’s discretion. Contact them ahead of time to know their updated prices.

Here are some of the guesthouses/hotels:

cliffside cottages
Cliffside Cottages

el nido beach hotel
El Nido Beach Hotel

 Please note that that prices generally change so call them up and check the update price before you book your rooms.


  1. Great list. I will share this to my friends!

  2. philip ray says:

    hey flipnomad,
    this philip from corong corong. nice work man.

  3. bookmarked, flip! Ayos thanks bro!

  4. ditto with jerik. Ayos na ayos tong list na toh!
    Question Flip, how did you create the list and paste it here? Did you use MS Excel? and just copied and pasted?

  5. this is fantastic. im going there in June. thanks Flip!

  6. i’m so using this list for my july trip. thanks flip! 😀

  7. stayed in cliffside before. nice. 600/night. double occupancy

  8. Sooo much thanks for this list!

  9. Exactly what I’m looking for!! Thanks a bunch sir! =)

  10. Oh hay salamat nakita ko rin!! Great list! I will be in El Nido this Sept. Thanks bunch Flip 😉

  11. dailyn larubis says:

    hi flipnomads…how many hours to take if we ride on a van from puerto princesa to el nido?

  12. thanks kuya

  13. Your Blog is FANTASTIC! Exactly the information I need! Thank you!

  14. Bethaney - Flashpacker Family says:

    Is El Nido the nicest beach in the Philippines?

  15. imelda dela vega says:

    good am! flipnomads nakabook na kami for july 26-aug.1st to puerto princesa we are planning to stay 1st to ppp then to el nido. do you have list also for puerto prinsesa for 5 people yung cheap and safe din as well as to el nido? thanks! ps. yung price above ba are per pax? tnx, tnx, tnx….

    • flipnomad says:

      hi ms imelda, unfortunately i dont have a list for puerto princesa and the prices above for the accommodations in el nido might not be updated anymore since it has been a couple of years already since I was last there. I do suggest to contact them directly to get the updated price for the guesthouses and hotels. Safe Travels:-)

  16. We bookedd rosannas cottages this aug. For 1800 per nyt,an aircon rum for 2,w/o breakfst thnks for the info…

  17. We’re planning to go to El Nido, and so far, we only need a rough estimate how much it’s gonna cost to do island hopping and other activities. 🙂

    • hi kisty, last time i went there was almost two years ago and we paid P750 for Tour A. I guess the price has increased by this time.

  18. Hi flip, which travel agency did you booked for the island hopping? Thanks, will go there next year. Hope to book a cheap tour 🙂

    • I did not booked the tour with the travel agency, we met the boatman when we were staying there and arranged a tour with him. There are many tour agencies once you get in El NIdo 🙂 Enjoy your stay!

  19. Great resources! Thanks for sharing! I would also add Plankton Diver’s Inn – we were in El Nido in 2013 and found this great place that had just opened in Corong Corong, a little house right on the beach with view on the water – superb for 800PHP for double room with private bath and WiFi owned by a lovely lady named Maria! I talk about it here with photos:


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