FlipNomad’s Best of Travel 2011

Thanks to Alex of CrazySexyFunTraveler.com for tagging me in this awesome Best of Travel 2011 series of posts by various travel bloggers.

Here’s mine 🙂

Best Domestic Travel Destination

FlipNomad's Best of Travel 2011

My best domestic travel destination for 2011 would definitely be El Nido, Palawan. I stayed there for a month last March and I had tons of fun and met a lot of cool locals.

It would probably be one of the most picturesque and most beautiful places (as of now) I’ve ever seen in my home country, the Philippines.

If you want to go there, check out these helpful information I’ve written about El Nido.

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Nacpan and Calitang Beach

Best Travel Experience

Tirta Empul

Whoaaa! It’s quite hard to choose. I’ve been travelling continuously for ten months now and had a lot of great experiences on the road. Among my favourite includes my one month stay in El Nido, my overland trip from Beijing to Hanoi and my trip to Ubud, Bali.

Best International Destination

Great wall of China

There’s a lot to choose from.  My favourite includes China, Thailand (as always) and Cambodia. I also love my experience in Bali especially in Ubud.

Worst Travel Experience


The worst last year would be my trip to Kota Kinabalu, not because of the place nor the people that I’ve met (they’re incredibly awesome)but because I encountered a lot of challenges on the road when I was there.

Most Embarrasing Travel Moment

I have so many to the point that I could not remember the details LOL.

Best Local Destination

I’m from the Philippines and the country has 7107 islands which provide a lot of options to a traveller. I’ll recommend five places:

1. Manila: The country’s capital is often overlooked by travellers due to bad perception about the city. Manila is a nice place to learn about some history about the Philippines. Check out the majestic and historical forts of Intramuros, Binondo and the rest of Chinatown, Escolta, the business district of Makati, the lively streets of Malate and Ermita. Manila will give you a brief glimpse of our past, present and possibly future. It will also show you how diverse Filipino culture is.

2. Banaue and the Cordilleras: For the travellers who love mountains, check out Banaue Rice Terraces, Sagada, Batad and so other villages.

3. Palawan and the Visayas: For those who love beaches, Palawan and the islands in Visayas will offer you one of the best snorkelling, diving and beach combing experience you’ll ever have in your life.

4. Bicol: Try swimming with the whale sharks at Donsol, Sorsogon or marvel at the grandeur of Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Albay. Don’t forget to try the Bicolano cuisine as well.

5. Batanes: Learn and experience the Ivatan culture and be mesmerized by the beauty of its landscape. It’s also notably, one of the most picturesque places in the Philippines. I’ve never been here myself yet and will surely visit this place once I go back to the Philippines.

If you are a first time traveller to the Philippines, check out these awesome advices from Filipino Travel Bloggers (Part 1 and 2).

You can also download a copy of my FREE EBook consisting of 85 gorgeous images from different places in the Philippines. This project is in collaboration with the Pinoy Travel Bloggers community.

Best Travel Lesson


This is definitely another difficult question to answer because I’ve learned so many things last year! For 2011, my biggest learning from the road is to have faith that everything will be ok, because for some weird reason, the universe does provide for those who are passionate in achieving their dreams. I’ve been travelling continuously since March 2011 and currently on my 10th month on the road living solely on online income. I never thought it was possible, but it is possible.

I’m not tagging anyone else since this project has been going on for awhile. And January 16 seems to be the last day (LOL I just made it on time).

Photo Credits: Secret Lagoon and Great Wall of China by Frameless World


  1. Flip, finally we could learn a bit more about the best of your 2011 🙂 I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with a lot of misadventures haha

  2. I learned the same lesson… the universe does reward you ten fold if you place your trust in it. I am ever so grateful … keep travelling it’s great for the soul!

  3. its nice to read travel blogs like this which shares great experience on any aspects of their encounters. i am saving up to travel around here in europe and i am really hoping that one day, i can go backpacking in asia! /E.

  4. Jeremy Branham says:

    I am not a big beach person but I love the photos from your trips!

    Interesting to read about your travel lesson – I’ve never thought of it that way. I guess I plan everything and want it to go right that when things go wrong my first thought isn’t that things will be OK. Maybe I will have to change my attitude about this in the future.

  5. Best and worst travel experience is still worth remembering.


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