Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs

There are gazillions of travel blogs out there, maybe in the Philippines alone there are thousands, no, maybe hundreds of thousands of travel blogs. And realistically we can only follow a few.

Here’s my Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs (and I recommend that you should follow them too)


Top 15 Philippine Travel Blogs

Justwandering is full of useful information about places, accommodations and almost everything about the travelling world. The pictures of the places with her dolls will surely captivate your attention. Nina wanders around the Philippines

and around Asia as well. She also shares her travel expense after a trip which will definitely be useful for those who are planning their next big adventure. Check out Flip’s short interview with Nina.



Langyaw is one of the most awarded travel blogs in the Philippines. Estan writes about his adventures in the Philippines and some other places in Asia. What fascinate me about his blog are the pictures. I was just blown away with how beautiful his pictures are. You should check it out to see what I mean. Check out Flip’s short interview with Estan.



Another multi-awarded travel blogger/photographer in town is Ferdz. His blog chronicles his journey around the country and in Asia too. His pictures are awesome and the details of his journey in his blog will definitely be helpful for those who want to go to the places that he’s been to. Check out Flip’s short interview with Ferdz.



Byahilo seems to be one of the longest running blog in the Philippines and this guy would probably have written everything about the 7107 islands. I like his blog because he features festivals in the Philippines which are an important part of our culture.

Backpacking Philippines


Tutubi is another anonymous blogger who writes about his journey around the country and Asia. I’ve been following his blog for the longest time I think. And up to now I still find his articles useful and fun to read.

Out of Town Blog

out of town blog

Out of town blog provides a lot of useful information about places, food, transportation and about travel blogging itself. Melo also intiates some online contests. Lately, Melo writes about tips about blogging that I think newbies would find very very useful. He also provides an online review about the hotels/hostels that he stayed in.

Escape Islands

escape islands

Escape Islands would also have covered almost all the islands in the Philippines. Some of which are places that i haven’t heard before. If you’re looking for a blog that will help you go to the off the beaten path then this one is for you. Check out Flip’s short interview with Dong Ho.

Journeying James

Why??? He travels with a ridiculously low budget and I love it. He proves to anyone that if there’s a will, there’s a way. I also like how he chronicles his expenses down to the last Coke he drunk. Way to go man!!! Check out Flip’s short interview with James.

Pinay Travel Junkie

pinay travel junkie

This girl proves that yes a Filipina can! She ventured to Europe on her own and travelled across Southeast Asia. Fear seems to be not included in her vocabulary. She’s such an inspiration for all the independent female travellers out there.Check out Flip’s short interview with Gay.



Monette and Ron’s blog would surely entertain you not to mention that their posts are very useful for those who are planning to explore Southeast Asia. Fliptravels is one of the youngest travel blogs that is bound to be big and very popular in the future. Did I mention that Ron takes f*cking awesome pictures too!Check out Flip’s short interview with Ron and Monette.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Pinay solo backpacker

This girl is destined to see the world. The first time I read her blog I felt that she really wants to explore as much as she can. The author, Gael, writes really well and you could actually feel her emotions in her posts. I don’t know why, but I’m very much drawn to her blog even if I haven’t seen the writer yet.

No Spam No Virus No Kiddin

chyng reyes

Chyng’s blog is one of the lightest and fun to read blogs out there. She writes about her travels in and out of the Philippines and she includes a lot of recommendation about the food she had tasted and the places that she stayed in. Check out Flip’s short interview with Chyng.

Nomadic Experiences

nomadic experiences

Marky juggles his time between his full time work and travelling. For those who are looking for the long-weekend escapes, this blog would definitely be very very useful. Check out Flip’s short interview with Marky.

Pinoy Boy Journals

pinoy boy journals

Jerik documents his trip around the Philippines and around Asia too. I like it when he talks about his realizations while on the road. This blog is for those who enjoy solitary travels and occasional partying with strangers. Check out Flip’s short interview with Jerik.

Our Awesome Planet

our awesome planet

Travelling will never be complete without food! And this is why Our Awesome Planet is on my list. Anton shares with us the experience of dining in different restaurants in the Philippines. This is for all the foodies out there.

Update: Matt Long of Landlopers included this list to his Top Ten List of Top Ten Travel Blog List

How about you? What are your favourite travel blogs?


  1. Tambling. Paano nangyari yun? lol Thanks Flip! Ang haba ng hair ko.

  2. Nice list! I agree lalo na on Nina, Melo, Dong Ho , Byahilo and Anton. Natulungan na nila ako in a way lalo na si Nina 😀

    Hmmm… about your comment kay Gael, parang kinilig ako LOLOLOL 😛 Meet na kayo! (intrigera mode) 😀

  3. @nina: you're welcome… i really really like your blog (parang simon cowell lang hehe)

    @mica: yup, and i know andami pang travel blogs out there na hindi ko pa nakikita, haha yung comment ko kay Gael kasi i feel like she's an old soul… very haunting ang kanyang mga senti na post… haha and no need for intriga 🙂

  4. @Flip – thanks mucho…

  5. Pinoy Boy Journals says:

    wow man! this is very much appreciated! thanks a lot bro! got back from Japan, i'm skipping work and checking out your blog!ha ha Cheers!!!

  6. @melo: 🙂

    @jerik: konnichiwa!!!

  7. journeyingjames says:

    hey flip, salamat ng maraming-marami at napasama ako dito. really honored to be among this list. to off-road philippines and beyond

  8. salamat flip. a beer's on me when we meet. hehehe

  9. says:

    It's an honor to be lined up with the primier travel bloggers. And to be picked by
    feeling namin na nominate na kami sa PBA hahaha. (palakpakan mga mortal!!)

    Ron and Monette

  10. agreee! 🙂
    i follow and read these blogs! great list, great reads!

  11. princess_dyanie says:

    agree sa list mo! mababait yang mga yan lalo na sina chyng, nina and dom! kahit na kinukuit ko sila sa mga tanung ko, help pa din sila! congratulations to all! 🙂

  12. I love the comment regarding the solopinaybackpacker! Haha. I think she has posted her pic on this write up:

  13. ☮Pinay Travel Junkie☮ says:

    Yeba! Thanks for including me ins such prestigious list, kasama mga idol ko. Hope to meet you someday soon… Maybe when we do a layover in SG!

  14. Thanks Flipnomad for including mine among the best travel blogs…I noticed na mas maraming magaling at magandang travel blogs coming from the Philippines…

  15. pusang kalye says:

    bat wala ako dito? hahaha.

    I love Chybfg—no Spam , no Worries, Dom—escape Islands and of Voarse gael—the pinaysolobackpacker. Soon to meet Macky of Nomadic experiences.

  16. pusang kalye says:

    I also think is really good. you should check him out~~~~

  17. Ailee Verzosa says:

    hmmm… i really like Dong Ho's Travel Blog… =] i do recommend it…

  18. Pinoy Boy Journals says:

    @flip pulutan sakin! going to the christmas party??? tara!!! kita-kita! saya yan!

  19. @all: thanks!!! really like all your blogs… really enjoy reading 'em and i learn a lot…

  20. i like Dom's and Nina's. (personalan na to) haha
    thank you. friends na tayo talaga.. hehe

    pero sino favorite blogger mo? si gael ba? (intrgera part 2) Ü

  21. thepinaysolobackpacker says:

    wow! I am humbled. salamat Flip. agree ako sa sinabe ni Ron. I feel the same way. alam mu bang nakita ko lang tong post na to sa wall nang isa kong ka-facebook. asteeg!
    Si ferdz at tutubi since 2006 ko pa ata sila fina-follow. Napakabait nga ni ferdz, sobrang hanga tlga ako, walang kayabangan sa katawan. khet nung nag Binondo walk kame sobrang tahimik at bait. si tutubi, ang responsableng tatay,anonymous nga din xa tulad mu pero makikita ko din xa kapag naligaw uli ako sa hometown nya, txt ko lng daw xa. hehe

    @Mica…haha di ako papasa ke Flip..mga pretty tisay at blonde at type nyan! haha
    @Ruth…haha Flip knows how I look, xa nlng d namen nakikita. 🙂

  22. Markyramone says:

    Thanks Flip…kelan ka namen makakasama?

  23. Pinoy AdvenTurista says:
  24. Jenny Smith says:

    Great list of blogs. I just read about experiences, adventures about the places visited, people share in their travel blogs.

  25. Singapore to Kuala Lumpur says:

    I am totally excited from his list. Thanks for a great blog and interest.

  26. Sheena Roberts says:

    Very useful list of travel blogs. Thanks for sharing. Would like to have more informative posts from your blog.

  27. Houses Playa Del Carmen says:

    Great useful travel blogs lists. I am also working on travel blog, so as this list is quite learning and useful experience for me.

  28. maraming salamat!

  29. greg urbano says:

    time to explore!

  30. Michael jackson beat it says:

    Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up!

  31. palawan resorts and hotels says:

    great list! i follow most of the blogs mentioned here.

  32. I am still new in travel article writing and your blogs inspired me more to pursue this endeavor. I also followed the blogs included in your list and found them to be truly exciting.

  33. lara dunston says:

    So pleased I just saw your tweet. I didn’t know any of these blogs before. Scary, though – they could make me want to add the Philippines to my wish list 🙂

  34. Sir help naman, mga makakasamang mag backpacking thailand, cambodia and vietnam? For sure you know a lot of groups there. It’s ok if they’ll extend to nearby countries:) Thanks and Godbless. Really helpful blog:)

    • hi sir, once you go to those countries you’ll definitely meet a lot of other backpackers too… for sure you’ll be able to travel with them… those three countries are full of backpackers 🙂 another way to meet other backpackers is, check out the forum of specific countries… there are some people there who are looking for travel buddies too… enjoy your trip maynard

  35. samantha says:
  36. Great list. All agree to be the top Philippine travel blogs. But my favorite travel is still Lakwatsera De Primera. hehe 🙂

  37. Wow. Great list. Now I’ve got lots of reading to do. 🙂

  38. I like the list. I follow most of the bloggers mentioned, especially Gael. My favorite travel blogger though is jona bering of hehehe

  39. Mythjen J. Trias says:

    Humor me, but I was expecting a travel blog entitled “Lost” (chuckle). Even the most seasoned travelers experienced gotten off the beaten track literally but not in a dangerous sense I hope. All the blogs here are great.

  40. Nice listing! In the processing of researching a November trip to your beautiful country. The more I read the more I want to see…and stay longer!

    I’m so surprised The Philippines isn’t more traveled or talked about – that’s ok, I’ll be the first of my friends to go.


  41. nice blog.. it really give us thoughts about the beauty of philippines..

  42. Thanks for giving this information. Hope you can sort out more travel blogs and can include mine 🙂

  43. Hello! I’m trying to setup a travel blog and I would like to ask where you bought your domain name? How much did it cost? TIA! =)

  44. great listing flip! i really learn a lot from these blogs including yours of course.

  45. ambitious as I may sound but hope to be in the list one day.


  46. Thanks to your site! I now have an idea on how to revised my blog. Our old blog used to be more on mountaineering/backpacking, but since we aren’t that active in our hobby, we decided to change it to a travel blog. Thank you and more power to us! I am now inspired to modify, and improve our blog..

  47. Roaming Couple says:

    Great list, bro! Bookmarked. @FlipNoMad… bro, we put up your link on our site for over a month, but got no reply from you. well, anyhow you’re still a big inspiration to us.:) Hope you could add us to your links section. Thanks! 🙂

  48. Great list Flip,
    I really want to travel and backpack through the Philippines and these guys will keep me entertained as I look for places to go!

  49. Hi. I’ve been travelling a lot too, but I haven’t blogged about it all. check my link for the list of places

    Anyway, gusto ko lang po ask, what are your tips for blogging? I’ve travelled 11 countries by now pero I don’t know where to start. And I’m planning to do like journeying james 100-day challenge. Is it advisable, for a girl to travel alone? 🙂

  50. Wow. nakakainspire naman 🙂

  51. Great list you have there. I haven’t been to some of the blogs on your list. Will try it now.

  52. Mukhang wala pang listahan para sa 2014. Baka pwede pa makahabol? 🙂 Keep on traveling!

  53. Great List thanks! Maybe we will make it over to the Philippines this year! Welcome to visit my blog mostly China but some Taiwan and Korea too.

  54. Please check out my travel/Photo Blog too! 🙂 >>>> I use a film camera. Thanks!

  55. So far, dp ako nakakasulat ng top pinoy travel bloggers ko… I have to write my list too. 🙂

  56. Congrats to all bloggers. You deserve the recognition. 🙂


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