5 Places To See Leopards On An African Safari

Everyone who wants to go on a safari in Africa will want to see a leopard. In fact, safari guides are constantly pestered by this question! Leopards are famous for their stealth and camouflage and so, spotting a leopard is obviously exciting. Your safari tour will be etched in your memory forever when you spot […]

3 Fantastic Locations for an Eco Escape

Costa Rica Costa Rica is a delightful spot for the responsible tourist. Combining exciting natural scenes with stable socio-economic climate, you get to enjoy nature’s goodness in a safe environment. The government itself encourages eco tourism, and even has a certification program in place to encourage it. Start off at the capital, San Jose and […]

5 European Gems for a Glorious Golf Break

If you love golf then it’s highly likely that you’ll have been on a golf holiday somewhere around the world. Mixing great golf with beautiful weather and stunning surroundings makes for a fantastic trip – below are 5 top spots in Europe to try if you haven’t sampled them already. Portugal It is hard to […]

7 Types of Accommodation Perfect for a Romantic Escape

A MALDIVES WATER VILLA There are a limited number of water villas in the world, with the Maldives as the most coveted location for them. These tasteful holiday homes allow you to enjoy the very best of the sea with your significant other. Depending on your budget, you can choose a villa complete with stunning […]

Think Outside Hotels: How Suburban Accommodation Can Help You Save

Overseas travel is usually associated with large hotel bills, noisy backpacker hostels, and chaotic surroundings in overcrowded cities. These negative experiences have left many travelers wondering if it is possible to find budget- friendly accommodations outside of traditional tourist areas. The answer is yes. Outside of busy cities, suburbia is becoming the new place to […]

Driving Through France on your Next Holiday

For tourists who seek balanced holidays that offer a perfect blend of popular tourist attractions and insights into the local ways of living, driving around France this summer may be the ideal way to achieve that goal. If you are hard-pressed for time and need to sample all that France offers in just two short […]

Save Time and Money in Booking Your Bus and Train Tickets

Save time and money in booking your bus and train tickets and book them via an online travel company such as Easybook.com. Easybook is one of the largest ticket booking websites in Southeast Asia and it could help you book your tickets conveniently as long as you have a wifi connection. Usually, travelers book their […]

Five Ways to Stay Healthy and Save Money For Your Next Trip

Traveling does not only need sufficient money to cover your expenses, it also needs a healthy body so you could fully enjoy various physical activities like snorkeling, skiing, diving, parasailing etc. Flying long haul and engaging in outdoor activities could be very strenuous and might take a toll in your health especially if you’re not […]

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