Revisiting Vientiane

I went back to Laos last July 2013 and visited Vang Vieng (for the first time) and Vientiane (for the 2nd time) and it’s always a pleasure to revisit a place again and reminisce some old memories and at the same time observe the changes that has taken place in this lovely laid back city. […]

DIY Bike Tour to Blue Lagoon – Vang Vieng

While asking around and deciding what to do in Vang Vieng, me and my friend decided to visit Blue Lagoon on our own by bike. Since we are on a tight budget, we don’t usually pay for tours and more often than not, we visit various tourist attractions on our own. And one of the […]

Hiking from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Part 3

Changu Narayan is our final destination on this five hour hike from Nagarkot. We’re just novice hikers and we often stop along the way to rest and take pictures so maybe if you walk continuously you can make it less than the time that we spent on this trail. Changu Narayan is known to be […]

History, Culture and the Great Outdoors — Road Tripping in Portugal

No matter who you are, Portugal has something to offer you as a traveler. You can explore historic architecture, appreciate the region’s wine-making heritage or simply relax on some of Europe’s finest beaches. The choice of destination is yours, but here are a couple of holidays to Portugal that will introduce you to many of […]

Hiking from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Part 2

After seeing the beautiful sunrise at Nagarkot and after having our breakfast at our hotel, we decided to start hiking towards Changu Narayan at around 8 AM as suggested by Bashi, our guide. We packed our stuff and immediately head out towards the main road of Nagarkot. Our guide said that hiking from Nagarkot to […]

Hiking from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Part 1

It was such a pleasant surprise when I got an email from Steffi of to try one of their tours. I was in Myanmar when I received their email but due to the unavailability of steady connection, I wasn’t able to check out the details. After my trip to Myanmar, I was able to […]

Three Years On the Road – It Still Feels Like a Dream

Three years ago, I left my job and packed my bags and flew to El Nido to stay there for a month. Afterwards I flew to Beijing hoping that I could hopefully continue backpacking from there down to mainland Southeast Asia for at least six months. The six months became seven, became a year, two […]

My First Impression of Vang Vieng

On my second visit to Laos last year, I have decided to drop by to Vang Vieng to check it out. I traveled to Vang Vieng via a direct bus from Udon Thani which cost me 320 Baht (bus station near Central Plaza). You can read more about my overland travel from Udon Thani to […]

How to Go to Vang Vieng from Udon Thani

I have passed through Vang Vieng in the past on my way to Vientiane from Luang Prabang but I have never been to nor stayed even for a day in Vang Vieng. And in my recent trip to Laos last July 2013, I decided to spend a couple of weeks in this infamous town. Since […]

Five Places to Visit in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most coveted places to visit among travelers because of numerous interesting sights that can be found in this lively city. I haven’t been to Rio yet but this city is definitely in my bucket list and I have also started saving up for a trip to Brazil in […]

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