Exploring the Caribbean

Just as individuals we are not all the same, every single island the world over has subtle differences too, even if it is located extremely close to the mainland of a country, or a group of other islands. This is why you shouldn’t judge every Caribbean island to be the same as the others, because […]

Five Must Try Streetfood in Bangkok

Thailand is probably the most famous destination in Southeast Asia among backpackers, holiday makers and weekend warriors. This country offers a plethora of options that would cater to every budget segments. It doesn’t matter if your daily budget is $10, $100 or maybe even more, there are ways on how you could make sure that […]

The Top Bars and Clubs to Hit While in Barbados

Ice-white beaches, luxury hotels, and exclusive restaurants are all in abundance on the island of Barbados. But this Caribbean hotspot also excels when it comes to night-life, and you’ll easily find something to suit your mood, whether it’s an ultra-hip open air nightclub, a lively rum shop, or a beach party that lasts until the […]

Grab Every Last Second

There are certain events in life which should be savoured for as long as possible. We work hard all year around for our holidays, so I believe our one or two weeks away should be embraced and enjoyed, every single second of it. If you were given the chance to start your break a night […]

Five Easy and Simple Survival Tips – Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Park and one of the most visited places in Nepal due to the huge number of wildlife that can be seen here. It’s a protected area where you could see highly endangered animals such as tigers, rhinos and more. Visiting Chitwan National Park is a once in […]

Staying Three Months in Nepal – Thoughts and Reflections

After staying for six months in Bangkok last year we finally left my favorite city late in the afternoon for our evening flight to Kuala Lumpur. As soon as we arrived in Kuala Lumpur airport, we immediately walked around to find a nice spot to rest and nap for a few hours. Our flight to […]

Travelling to Venice: Top Restaurants to Visit

Aside from visiting the Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal, and other tourist hotspots, another thing that you should do on your Venice holidays is to explore the local culinary scene. This wonderful city is home to numerous restaurants. If you like spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, or ragu, this is the best place to go. Some restaurants […]

The Wildlife of Chitwan National Park

I am always fond of seeing animals. When I was younger, my family used to take me to zoos so I could learn more about them. In school I always spend some time in the library reading about a variety of animals. I even dreamt of becoming a veterinarian when I was a kid so […]

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