The Best Natural Medicine Retreats Around the World

The use of natural medicines by general practitioners is becoming increasingly popular as medical science begins to discover the true value of nature’s produce. But it’s not just the body which can be healed by natural means. In today’s hectic and frenetic world the mind is also subject to more stress than ever before. It’s […]

24 Beautiful Towns in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most famous backpacking route in the whole world due to it’s affordability, ease of access for most towns and cities, friendly people, gorgeous beaches and the list goes on. There are tons of off the beaten path destinations, unspoiled islands and tropical rain forests that you could explore. But […]

Five Tips on Saving Money on Your Next Beach Holiday

Almost everyone I know loves the beach. Most vacation leaves of my friends and I were spent lounging in various beaches, reading a book, swimming in crystal clear waters, spending the afternoon strolling and walking barefooted on blindingly white sand and at the end of the night, having a nice dinner and having a drink […]

40 Must See Beautiful Islands and Beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to 7,107 islands and islets and it’s no surprise that this beautiful country has tons of gorgeous beaches that you could visit and explore. There are white sand beaches, black sand beaches and even a pink sand beach. Each of these beaches offer spectacular sunrise and sunset views. The choices are […]

A Step-by-step Guide to Immigrating to Germany

Germany, and in particular the city of Berlin, is a very popular hub for expats and digital nomads. The relatively low cost of living, together with a friendly and intellectual atmosphere make it a perfect place for expatriation. The biggest disadvantage of this city is that it is incredibly difficult to find a job that […]

Turkey’s Best Tourist Destinations

For a country with such diverse landscapes, rich culture, and a long and storied history it shouldn’t surprise no one that Turkey is blessed with a wealth of delights for visitors to enjoy. From the unique rock formations of Cappadocia in central Turkey, to the white sands of the Turkish Riviera, to the ski slopes […]

5 of the Best Places Around the World for a Villa Holiday

Forget about staying in a hotel the next time you are on a holiday. It is a vacation cliché that you should get rid of. Instead, consider alternative forms of accommodations. A villa stay can prove to be much better than staying in a hotel, especially in the following destinations. Bali Photo Credits (Flickr CC): […]

5 Lesser Known Places to See in Morocco

If you are planning to visit Morocco, you can possibly be overwhelmed with too many places that you can explore, each with the promise of providing you with a memorable holiday. Marrakech, for sure, will be on the top of the list when it comes to places that should not be missed. Beyond such, however, […]

5 Cruises to Try Around the World

Looking for something different to try for your next holiday? In case you have not yet tried cruising before, this will definitely be one of the best activities. It is slow-paced and it is calming. It allows you to explore natural landscapes and cityscapes, depending on the specific destination that will be chosen. If you […]

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