How Much Did I Spend in Bangkok and Phuket Town

Thailand is one of my favourite countries and staying here for a couple of weeks seems to be one of the easiest decision. This time around we spent eight days in Bangkok and three days in Phuket Town.

The sprawling city of Bangkok is a nice break after spending some time in Siem Reap. I missed the chaos of city living. And of course, for foodies like me, Thailand’s cuisine is a great treat.

Anyway, here’s how much I spent in Bangkok and Phuket Town.

How Much Did I Spend in Bangkok and Phuket Town

Bear in mind that our cost of transport from SR to Bangkok was covered in our SR budget.


Accommodation now in Bangkok is not as cheap as before. Maybe because of the current exchange rate where 1THB = P1.4, which is no favorable for Peso holders like me.

We found a good deal though at Thara’s Guesthouse (10 minutes walk from Khao San) along Pra Athit road. THB200 for a double room/night.

In Phuket Town, your cheapest option would be On On Guesthouse or Pengman Hostel, bear in mind that these are very basic accommodation so don’t expect that much.


Affordable meals are available anywhere costing us an average of THB35/rice meal and THB25/cup of milk tea.

Local Transport

Local bus cost around THB7 from Pra Athit to Siam or Silom Area. MRT or BTS was a bit expensive (price depends on distance).

Ask your hostel receptionist for the bus route from your hostel to your desired destination.

we booked a non-direct bus from Bangkok to Phuket which is cheaper than the direct bus. More info on How to Go to Phuket from Bangkok here.


Additional expense incurred from buying new cheap shirts at Chatuchak for 50baht each and a pair of shorts. A lot of my old shirts have now holes on it LOL.

Pengman Guesthouse and Noodle Shop Your best bet for a cheap accommodation but best bowl of noodles in Phuket Town

Travelling does not need to be expensive!


  1. Wow! That is real cheap ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am always reminding myself that last quote ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i have yet to visit thailand. it’s also good to know that it’s really cheap there whether for food or accommodation. by the way, how would you compare phuket and el nido or palawan as a whole?

    • ive only seen a portion of phuket namely patong, phuket town, karon and kata, those places are fully equipped with touristic facilities which we dont have yet in palawan (Ive only seen coron, el nido and puerto princesa) and a lot of high end resorts and backpackers accommodation too… the islands nearby phuket are also beautiful like el nido but there’re more people… el nido has lesser tourist as of now and does not have tourist facilities that other people might find inconvenient… el nido will definitely be enjoyed by those who love quieter and less ‘commercial” beaches… el nido looks more pristine and i hope it would stay that way in the near future… phuket will be loved by those who enjoys modern conveniences and partying…

  3. thnx for the info . . ill share this info to my friends who are planning to visit thailand…

    ur blog is very informative…

    God Bless.

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