How to Go to Bangkok from Vientiane Cheap and Easy

There are various travel agencies that can book you a bus/train tickets from Vientiane to Bangkok. The last time I was in Vientiane, I just booked a bus ticket through one of those travel agencies and paid 50,000 Kip for a ticket to Nong Khai. I was picked up in my hostel and was taken to the bus station behind Talat Sao Market.

The driver then bought a bus ticket for me to Nong Khai. I went to the counter and checked how much the bus ticket was and it was only 15,000 Kip.

It’ll be cheaper if you just go there instead and buy your own ticket. You can just go together with fellow travelers you meet in your hostels or you can take a tuktuk or moto to the bus station.

From Nong Khai there are overnight buses that go to Bangkok. Prices vary depending on the type of bus. The one that I took only cost me 380 Baht. It’s an airconditioned bus (no toilet onboard) and it’s very comfortable for me.

The bus will then drop you off at Mo Chit Bus Station. Just walk towards the City Bus Station (ask the information counter for the direction) and get on bus #3 if you want to go to Khao San Road via Phra Athit). It isn’t far from where the bus drops off passengers inside Mo Chit Bus Station. The bus only cost 6.50 Baht.

If you buy your own bus tickets it will only cost you:

Bus from Vientiane to Nong Khai: 15,000 Kip (Approx 60 Baht)
Bus from Nong Khai to Bangkok: 380 Baht
Bus from Mo Chit to Khao San (bus stop near Khao San)
Total: 446.50 Baht
(Tuktuk to Talat Sao BUs Statioi not included)

How to Go to Bangkok from Vientiane Cheap and Easy

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  1. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. I will be going to Vientane this summer.. Do you recommend Luang Prabang or Vietnane if you had to choose one?

    Let me know if you make it out here to Korea anytime soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. very annoying that you were so overcharged

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