Caribbean Holidays: Kiss Stress Goodbye

The Caribbean is well recognised as the home of tropical rainforests, stunning beaches and blissful islands. For holidaymakers looking for a truly relaxing holiday where the stresses of daily life can be forgotten, the Caribbean is the ideal holiday destination. With so many places to visit, the Caribbean has something to offer travellers and families of all ages and interests.

The incredible islands of the Caribbean could not be more perfect for visitors who are after sun, sea and sand: this region boasts some of the best beaches in the world, making it a hotspot for a week or two on the beach. However, for holidaymakers that enjoy exploration whilst on holiday, the Caribbean has a lot more to offer than just beautiful beaches.

Caribbean Holidays: Kiss Stress Goodbye

Different islands have different things to do and see, so before you choose your Caribbean destination it is important you research the assets of each location. You could find yourself splashing with turtles in Antigua, indulging at the Breadfruit Festival in Jamaica and swimming with stingrays in Barbados. And that’s not even taking into account the different cultures and cuisines you’ll be able to sample.

Making the most of what your Caribbean island has to offer is imperative. However, it is also crucial your holiday has the edge by choosing convenient and luxurious accommodation in the Caribbean. Home to some of the most breath-taking resorts in the world, your vacation could be even more special.

Organising and planning your vacation in the Caribbean through Virgin Holidays could open up an even greater range of opportunities to make your holiday one to remember.

Sunset in Port Louis

Holidays are times for you to reconnect with your family by relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of home and work life, whilst getting involved in new experiences. If you fancy trying new things on your holiday this year, why not visit Cuba?

You could be exploring the beautiful coral reefs, an abundance of fish, wrecks and caves in Cuba’s clear warm water. Cuba and its islands are home to a variety of underwater life that includes dolphins and sharks that make this island the ideal place for scuba diving.

In the evenings, sample the vibrant nightlife; visit the many bars and sample delicious rum cocktails or try your hand at salsa dancing lessons. Whether you want to learn or just let your hair down there are a number of bars that offer live music and a vibrant atmosphere for you to dance the night away in.

Last Sunset in Aruba

Sailing on a catamaran between the islands on an extended trip is by far the best way of exploring all that the Caribbean has to offer. Barbados, one of the most picturesque locations has striking views of the South coast making a catamaran a great way to have fun whilst absorbing the beauty of the island.

Famous Turtle Beach in Barbados is where sea turtles migrate to lay eggs year after year. For a family holiday, a romantic break or perhaps a wedding, The Turtle Beach Resort is the ideal place for relaxing in what is essentially paradise.

The Caribbean offers holidaymakers a snippet of heaven. The dreamy beaches, vivacious communities and picturesque resorts make a holiday in the Caribbean like no other. Whether you consider Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua or any other islands, start looking now for some great family offers.

Photo Credits: The Grenadines by lyng883, Sunst by Lee Coursey, Aruba by kretyen

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