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Just as individuals we are not all the same, every single island the world over has subtle differences too, even if it is located extremely close to the mainland of a country, or a group of other islands. This is why you shouldn’t judge every Caribbean island to be the same as the others, because if you do that, you’re seriously missing out.

Look at it this way, each Caribbean island is in fact an island nation, so you’re visiting a different country regardless of which sea they are floating in, or the region they belong to. If you have the chance to visit more than one of these sun-drenched islands, I say go for it, and if you decide to cruise the region, you will see very clearly the differences between them.

Carribean Sea, Playa Bavaro, Dominican RepublicPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Carribean by switch-twitch

However, the fact of the matter is that visiting the Caribbean isn’t a cheap adventure, and it is a long-haul flight to boot. Cutting costs here and there, and finding ways to make your flight easier on your mind and body, will help make your Caribbean dream a reality. A good way to help with your travel day, as well as cutting out the need for expensive and tiring public transport, is to drive yourself to the airport and park up, whilst also throwing in an airport hotel to give you extra rest prior to your departure.

Most large UK airports have a range of hotels and parking facilities, so it’s simply a case of finding what suits you. I recently booked one of the Manchester Airport hotels with parking included for a long-haul holiday, and it really made a difference to my departure day, because I felt more alert as a result of having had a rested night’s sleep, with no worries. Check out Airparks for bundle deals and see how cheap this option could be for you.

TurtlesPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Sea Turtle by ssanyal

A more relaxed start to your Caribbean break will mean you get into the swing of things much quicker. Obviously what you do and what you see depends on which island you choose to visit. Cuba has plentiful all inclusive hotels to enjoy the perks of such a holiday in Varadero, or you could go to hip and happening Havana for a truly Cuban experience. Alternatively, how about visiting Jamaica and enjoying a spot of laid-back reggae on the beach? If that’s not for you, the lush, green interior of the Dominican Republic could be the ideal break in nature, with lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. If you want more, St Lucia’s truly luxurious vibe is ideal for a special break, such as a honeymoon.

The list goes on, and the differences between the islands may be subtle, but they are certainly evident. Food, culture, history, traditions, these are all variations between the islands, and exploring the region as a whole will give you a much greater understanding and overview of this beautiful and quite mind-blowing area of the world. Of course, you will also have a pretty amazing tan as a result!

Conch on Grand TurkPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Conch by gogostevie

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