Discovering the Mysteries of Mallorca

Discovering the Mysteries of Mallorca

My destination, Mallorca has everything you can want from a good holiday; sun, sea, sand and great…food. Now admit it that wasn’t the end to that sentence you expected. But there really are some excellent Mallorca restaurants to be found all over the island, from the mainstream pub down the street serving pseudo British pub grub to fine and specialised dining. All tourists care catered for, fast food such as burgers and pizza as well as more traditional Spanish options and local specialities. Vegetarian is always a bit of an issue in some cultures, Spanish being one such, but not in Mallorca. Organic, healthy eating and specialised dietary options are no problem. And there is a wide variety of international cuisine to be found in some of the best restaurants in Balearics.


And what is a meal without great wine? Since Roman times there have been vineyards on Mallorca and though there was a lull in quality during the last century, Mallorcan wine is coming back to its glory days and no stay here would be complete without sampling at least one local brand.

Food and wine however are just two of the draws this glittering island has to offer. Famous for its clubs, bars and white sandy beaches, Mallorca isn’t just an island for the sun worshipers and the party hardy either, though if that’s your bag then there is plenty of that to be had too.


The dramatic coastline is an attractive venture for hikers and walkers. The stunning azure of the Mediterranean shines like a polished sapphire beneath rugged rocks and emerald trees. Plumbing for an effort free journey I decided to use the local rail network to journey though the idyllic countryside. Heading west I came to a delicious region of pine forests, olive groves and picturesque villages, all watched over by the rolling Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. At the very north western tip, Cap de Formentor is one of the most stunning beauty spots on the island and the walks here, whilst a little off piste, are not too extreme and well worth the effort. Once I made it to the lighthouse at the top, the view was truly breathtaking. And the only thing I paid for was the train ticket; the views are all free.

La Seu Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca

Another surprise this Spanish isle had to disclose is its history. Step away from the high rise hotels and the beach for a day and you don’t have to look far to find incredible architecture and sites to soak up. The 14th century Cathedral in the countries capital, Palma, is one of the finest gothic structures I have ever seen. As it sits on the waterfront, rising up from the sea like a fantastical castle, the best way to appreciate its facade is from a boat. Flying buttresses of golden sandstone jut out in perfect symmetry and rows of towering spires reach up to the heavens. The inside is no less dramatic either. Gaudi’s touch is evident with wrought iron candelabra and the unfinished crown of thorns. As I stood beneath the magnificent rose window, bathed in the twinkling beams of colourful light, I wished my camera could do it justice.

Author Bio: Liah S Thorley is a travel writer and novelist from the UK. She has travelled extensively and particularly enjoys history and the arts.

All pics and text are provided by the author.


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