Flipnomad Needs Your Support

I’m going back on the road and I’m leaving by the end of March. I’m very excited to share this with you guys. I’m off somewhere in Palawan and will stay there for a couple of weeks up to a month to make a new website and by the end of April I’ll fly out. This time around I’m gonna travel slower. On my last backpacking trip, I moved every three days or so to see as much as I can and it was f*cking exhausting and I won’t do that anymore (not to mention it’s more expensive).

I’ve also decided to make a living out of my passion. My blog went through a major overhaul to make it more appealing to both advertisers and to my audience. I spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to understand SEO and online marketing in the shortest possible time. Freedom may be possible through hard work and some smart decisions.

I also built another website just a couple of days ago that I hope I could also earn from. And I’ll be building more as I go along the way. I hope to earn from these as well and at the same time improve my skill and competency set in online ventures.

Flipnomad Needs Your Support

A Little Secret

I’m not as courageous as what most of my friends think I am. I am also scared. I’m surrounded with anxiety and with people who doesn’t believe that this is possible.

But more than being afraid of the unknown and more than being afraid of failing, I’m more afraid of having regrets. So, I’m gonna pursue this regardless.

Good thing I have a few friends who believe in my insanity and support my goal. Good thing I have my network of blogger friends who are also aiming for the same thing, a “permanent escape route” from the rat race and from the cubicle life.

And I hope I could also pave the way for some of you who are also thinking of doing the same thing in the future.

Flipnomad Needs Your Support

I know that this wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t support me. And I’ll be asking for more of your help. Don’t worry, I won’t ask for a financial donation.

Here are some ways on how you could help me in the coming months. You could support my site (Flipnomad) in various ways.

Here’s how:

1. Online Love: Show some more online loving by sharing my posts through your Twitter/Facebook, Stumble Upon and other Social Networks. You could also like my Facebook Fan Page (Flipnomad) and Follow me on Twitter (Flipnomad).

2. Subscribe and Follow My Adventure: Yup, just by susbcribing alone, you would be able to help me achieve my goal. And I promise that I won’t spam you. You will just get updates about my blog that will hopefully inspire you to pursue your own passion. If, by any chance, you think my blog is not helping you in any way, feel free to unsubscribe anytime :-).

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3. Link Me Up: Link me (Flipnomad) up in your blogroll and in your posts. It’ll be a huge help for me.

4. Send some Critique: Take a look at my site and let me know if you see some bugs or if you have any suggestion on how I can improve it more. I’m a neophyte in this blogging thingy so any constructive feedback is appreciated, email me at iamflip (@) flipnomad.com.

6. If you know any advertisers that might be interested to advertise in my site, kindly send them my way so I could discuss with them some advertising options that I have.

And lastly, if you’re a travel blogger or a lifestyle design blogger, self development blogger or just a passionate blogger of any niche, just keep doing what you’re doing. You guys are my source of inspiration and I wouldn’t be able to think and believe that a location independent kind of lifestyle is possible if it weren’t for you guys.

Thanks in advance for your support. I’ll be documenting a lot more of travel tips for you guys to help you as well on your future travels. In the future I’ll be compiling all my learning so I could also share it with you.

Quick Update

I’m back on the road 🙂




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  1. Bold move indeed! All the best to you Flip! I know you can do it 🙂

  2. Good luck Flip, I subscribed to your RSS already and I will sure follow all your adventures! Yes you CAN indeed! With the kind of passion and determination that you have, nothing is impossible, “just do it” ika nga ng Nike 🙂

  3. The universe conspires for you Flip! Happy for people like you who may be scared shitless but decide to go anyway. We don’t have any safety nets but as true blue Pinoys say: Bahala na si batman!

  4. Good luck Flip 🙂

  5. Great blog site. Good luck and enjoy your trip. Taking it slow is the best way to get to know an area.

  6. good luck Flip…doing what you dream of will leave you with no regrets!! One tip re: the site…the tweet button creates the text and a link to your post in the tweet but doesn’t include your @name…add it to your tweet to be sure that people can follow and know the post is yours!!

  7. Good luck Flip. I’m also a neophyte in the SEO world and still wondering and keep on learning on its dynamic but complicated components. But for sure you, like me, believe in the epitome of the word “perseverance”- that if we don’t succeed…try and try again!

  8. isang malaking “KUDOS” flip!

  9. Goodluck!! I’ve been reading your blog. Really nice posts! 🙂

  10. Every adventure is a leap in the dark – I salute you for your audacity in firing up your engines. Go Flip, we’re behind you.

  11. Aside from the above (which I have or will be on top of) if there’s ever anything you need along the way, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

  12. Good luck, Flip. I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into this site so I believe you’ll make it work. It’s natural to be scared, but just keep going. The payoff will be amazing. You have my support.

  13. brad, usap tayo bago ka umalis! Start living your life again! Ayos yan! Courageous move, good choice!

  14. hi flip!

    you have been an inspiration, i have just started documenting my adventures, i’m a newbie to this and still learning. ill subscribe and follow your adventure and link you up also, hope you dont mind 🙂

    good luck to your adventures, hope to read more stories and tips from you 🙂

  15. Hi Flip!

    Best of luck on your adventures.. Your adventures are a great source of travel information and inspiration.. Keep it up!

    I’m actually sending you an email for link share request.. But I’ll just put it here instead.. hehe

    Have fun on the road!

  16. Explore PH says:

    Kudos to your site and best of luck on your future adventures! 🙂

  17. Hey! Thanks for the Host Gator code. I just bought my own domain & hosting and I saved $9.95! Goodluck on your future travels. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

  18. I admire you Flip! You are an inspiration to all of us! You can count on my support… Good luck po…

  19. Hey, bro, you don’t know me but I’ve been an avid reader of your blog. I even finally started my blog as I was inspired by you and the other bloggers, and yes I have even shared your story to my friends who love traveling and now they are inspired to write again. Same dilemma as you, bro, despite my achievements I am thinking of busting out of my comfort zone. Never expected you’ll be doing this move that soon but the daredevil in you sure made the right decision. Keep on blogging, bro, I’ll support you all the way. I am following you on Twitter, you can follow me as well twitter/mikemasangya

    I’ll be following you wherever you go.


  20. I support flipnomad.com

    by the way i get this everytime i try to subscribe by email The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

  21. Done! 🙂 Posted it – http://www.jovialwanderer.com/

    May you have more, more, more adventures to come.. 🙂

  22. Supported Flip! Posted your logo/link to my blogsite.

    …I envy you! Go and explore the world….and share your experiences. Be safe and may God bless your way. =)

  23. Wow, way to go Flip. That’s a courageous thing to do indeed! Wish you luck on the road!

  24. Wow…..Flip, your one of the reason why i am now into blogging….i’m all the way on supporting….more travel…just always remember be safe in every travels you have…..^_^

    Added you on my site and posted your logo…^_^

    • thank you very much for your kind words… keep on travelling and keep on sharing your adventures to the world 🙂

  25. Hi flip! Will pray for you and for the rest of us trying to “Escape” hehe….. hope to see you one day on one of the PTB meetups or maybe on the road!!! AJA Lang!

  26. Antoinette B. says:

    Hello! I’m wondering why I just stumbled upon your travel blog now! I’m a fellow Filipina from NYC and was very happy to find a fellow Pinoy with a very successful travel blog! I was supposed to leave my house to meet friends almost two hours ago and then I saw your site and I was hooked! You’re an inspiration and hope to meet you in one of your adventures one of these days! I travel the world a lot by myself and don’t often get to meet other “kababayans” so I’m just uber excited! I’ve started a blog site awhile back but I’m still oh-so-horrible with it! When I’m ready to present it to the world, you’ll def receive a link! For now, I’m more than happy to follow your adventures and will def post up a link of your site to mine! From one traveler to another *CHEERS*

  27. I’ll add you to my ‘favourite blogs’ page! Good luck, I wish you all the very best, from one traveler to another 🙂

  28. ayos..inspiring ang mga nasulat dito..

  29. Flip,

    You are one of my top travel bloggers for sure…

    I have just started my own blog, so will be featuring you in my ‘inspirational posters’ blog coming soon.

    Best wishes



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