Top Four Websites Every Backpacker Should Know

So, you’ve decided to travel and see the world and now researching about places, routes and everything about backpacking. Where do you go first? There are countless of blogs and websites that will help you find your way and it gets too confusing sometimes.

Top Four Websites Every Backpacker Should Know

Here are the Top Four websites that I recommend you should start with:


Couchsurfing website is more than having a free place to stay. Apart from the opportunity to meet local people, the website is also FULL of useful information for travellers. You can get information about possible travel buddies, information about places straight from a local’s perspective and even temporary jobs on the road. You can even post a question about a specific travel related stuff and most of the time, you’ll get a response from a lot of helpful people.


I’ve used this website primarily on overland travelling. It’s packed with information on how to train-travel to almost anywhere in the world, from possible routes to prices and sometimes the schedule and frequency of train rides. This website needs to be bookmarked by every traveller.

Attitude Travel

Are you looking for a budget airline that serves Philippines? How about cheap airlines serving India? This website is all about the low cost carriers in the world. It’s so easy to navigate and you’ll surely find the cheapest airline to fly with.

Hostel Search Sites

I always book my first night on the destination that I go to. And after that, I scourge the place for a cheaper option. And to find those hostels, I always check HostelBookers, HostelWorld or Agoda . I check the address, the location and the price. This is a must for those cheapskates like me who sometimes prefer to stay in hostels than with people I don’t know.

How About You? What are your favorite travel websites?


  1. journeyingjames says:

    bookmarking this post. thanks flip!

  2. Ron | says:

    isama mo na at wikipedia hahahahaha

  3. @james: you're welcome

    @ron: i agree with xe and wikipedia hehe

  4. The Nomadic Pinoy says:

    Of the 4 you've mentioned, I did actually use two: seat61 for finding about rail travel & hostelbooker (as well as hostelworld) for accommodations.

    If I may add, I also find http://www.seatguru very helpful in determining which plane seats to avoid and for travel insurance quotes. There's several more but that's the one at the top of my head.

  5. Travels with RV Escat says:

    you miss to include and CNNgo 😀

  6. @dennis: seat61 is indeed useful and entertaining… the guide is like a travel blog already… im checking seatguru now… thanks for sharing it…

    @RV: thanks for sharing additional info

  7. villas in ibiza says:

    These are really reliable and flexible web sites.Thanks for sharing these websites Flip.I like the post.I gain good knowledge about backpacking from these sites.

  8. @vib: you're welcome 🙂

  9. The SoleSisters says:

    Thanks for the email you've sent flip (which I have yet to read a few more times and reply to) and for linking me here. I've always used CS on my travels not just for surfing people's couches but for asking for info and dropping in on CS meetings. But I have yet to try the other 3 sites. Yet another helpful post! Gracias!


  10. Tripadvisor is a must as well.

  11. Pinoy Boy Journals says:

    seat61 is the best!!! i always end up searching travel overland in google and seat61 pops up first in search. Dude, you forgot to include your blog flipnomad, and others too. I read a lot of travel blogs just because information regarding destinations is experiential and less pr.


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