In Photos – Holi Festival in Kathmandu

Holi is definitely the most colorful festival in the whole world, literally. It’s an ancient Hindu festival that is now being celebrated even in non-Hindu places. We were lucky that we were in Kathmandu during the Holi Festival and had the chance to celebrate this colorful festivals with the locals. We decided to go to […]

What to Buy in Boudhanath

Boudhanath aside from being a major tourist destination in Kathmandu is also a great place to buy souvenirs especially if you’re on the lookout for any arts and crafts related to Buddhism. The large population of Tibetans in this area also contributed to the presence of so many related products related to the Tibetan culture. […]

What to Buy in Thamel

Thamel is the most popular tourists area in Kathmandu just like Khao San Road in Bangkok. You’ll find so many affordable guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, bars, outdoor shops, souvenir shops and more. Even those who are not staying in Thamel go to this place to do some shopping for souvenirs before they fly out of Kathmandu. […]

The busy and colorful Indra Chowk Market

Indra Chowk market is one of the most colorful and one of the busiest markets that I have ever seen in my travels. If you’re traveling to Kathmandu and if you’ll be staying in Thamel then you surely wouldn’t miss this market as you’ll see this on your way to Basantapur Durbar Square. Indra Chowk […]

Basantapur Durbar Square

Basantapur Durbar Square also known as the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square is one of the most visited places in Kathmandu due to its proximity to the popular tourists/backpackers area of Thamel. You didn’t even have to take a taxi or rickshaw to get here, it’s just around 15-20 minute walk from your hostel (if you’re […]

Gokarna Mahadev Temple in Black and White

Gokarna Mahadev Temple is not usually part of any itinerary of most tourists which makes this a great place to visit for most independent travelers. There were almost no one in this temple when we visited except for a handful of local visitors. If you’re commutting from Thamel, just take a bus to Boudha and […]

Pashupatinath – Most Significant Hindu Temple in Nepal

Pashupatinath is said to be one of the most significant Hindu temple in Nepal. It’s frequented both by Indian devotees and of course by foreign tourists. Pashupatinath is just a stone throw away from the airport of Tribhuvan and if you’re coming from Thamel you can just take a bus going to Boudha and just […]

Boudhanath – One of the Holiest Buddhist Sites in Nepal

Boudhanath is said to be one of the most holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal. During my entire stay in Nepal, I rented a room near Boudhanath and had the chance to observe the daily life that revolves around this holy stupa. Just like Swayambunath, Boudhanath’s structure includes a dome which represents the world, the eyes […]

Swayambunath – Temple on a Hill in Kathmandu Valley

Swayambunath is one of the most popular places to visit in Kathmandu Valley. It’s also a very important and sacred religious site for Buddhist pilgrims just like Boudhanath. Getting here from Thamel is quite easy as you can just go here on foot for around 30 minutes. Swayambunath is also known as the Monkey Temple […]

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