5 of the Best Places Around the World for a Villa Holiday

Forget about staying in a hotel the next time you are on a holiday. It is a vacation cliché that you should get rid of. Instead, consider alternative forms of accommodations. A villa stay can prove to be much better than staying in a hotel, especially in the following destinations. Bali Photo Credits (Flickr CC): […]

5 Lesser Known Places to See in Morocco

If you are planning to visit Morocco, you can possibly be overwhelmed with too many places that you can explore, each with the promise of providing you with a memorable holiday. Marrakech, for sure, will be on the top of the list when it comes to places that should not be missed. Beyond such, however, […]

5 Cruises to Try Around the World

Looking for something different to try for your next holiday? In case you have not yet tried cruising before, this will definitely be one of the best activities. It is slow-paced and it is calming. It allows you to explore natural landscapes and cityscapes, depending on the specific destination that will be chosen. If you […]

4 Incredible Travel Adventures you have to Try

To fully experience what life has to offer, you need to travel, explore new cultures, and get out of your comfort zone. You should not be scared to visit new places and to try new things. You should have an open mind and a brave heart. You must be willing to cross borders and challenge […]

Why To Choose Bucharest As a Destination

For those who have been to most of the major tourist destinations in the world and for those who are looking for an alternative holiday destination, consider Bucharest as your next city to discover. If you are planning your next vacation, don’t book your plane tickets yet and check out our list of five places […]

Grab Every Last Second

There are certain events in life which should be savoured for as long as possible. We work hard all year around for our holidays, so I believe our one or two weeks away should be embraced and enjoyed, every single second of it. If you were given the chance to start your break a night […]

Five Easy and Simple Survival Tips – Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Park and one of the most visited places in Nepal due to the huge number of wildlife that can be seen here. It’s a protected area where you could see highly endangered animals such as tigers, rhinos and more. Visiting Chitwan National Park is a once in […]

Staying Three Months in Nepal – Thoughts and Reflections

After staying for six months in Bangkok last year we finally left my favorite city late in the afternoon for our evening flight to Kuala Lumpur. As soon as we arrived in Kuala Lumpur airport, we immediately walked around to find a nice spot to rest and nap for a few hours. Our flight to […]

The Wildlife of Chitwan National Park

I am always fond of seeing animals. When I was younger, my family used to take me to zoos so I could learn more about them. In school I always spend some time in the library reading about a variety of animals. I even dreamt of becoming a veterinarian when I was a kid so […]

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