Top Things to Do When Visiting Israel

More and more American’s are visiting Israel than ever before using Condor due to the large amount of tourist attractions located in the country. Tourism is the country’s main source of income due to the large amount of visitors it receives each year to their beaches, historical and religious sites. Here are the top tourist […]

When to Splurge When You Travel — And When to Save Your Cash

For some people, going on vacation means loosening the purse strings, and going all out to ensure they have the best possible trip. This might mean reserving a room at a luxury hotel, five course meals, and spa treatments — the works. For others (read: most of us) vacation means enjoying yourself while staying on […]

Boudhanath – One of the Holiest Buddhist Sites in Nepal

Boudhanath is said to be one of the most holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal. During my entire stay in Nepal, I rented a room near Boudhanath and had the chance to observe the daily life that revolves around this holy stupa. Just like Swayambunath, Boudhanath’s structure includes a dome which represents the world, the eyes […]

Swayambunath – Temple on a Hill in Kathmandu Valley

Swayambunath is one of the most popular places to visit in Kathmandu Valley. It’s also a very important and sacred religious site for Buddhist pilgrims just like Boudhanath. Getting here from Thamel is quite easy as you can just go here on foot for around 30 minutes. Swayambunath is also known as the Monkey Temple […]

Mandalay City Trip Part 3 – Mingun and Mandalay Hill

Our first day of touring Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing was a blast. We had tons of fun and had seen so much interesting sights. The following day, we then all met again after breakfast and had a short meeting about what we will visit. Mingun, Mandalay Hill, a wooden temple named Shwenandaw and the Royal […]

Mandalay City Trip Part 2 – Amarapura, Sagaing and Inwa

We then met with our driver that would take us to all Amarapura, Sagaing and Inwa that day and boarded his vehicle. The two travelers that we were traveling with were retired Japanese and they were surprised to see the pickup truck, they probably thought that we rented a real car. The great thing though […]

Mandalay City Trip Part 1 – Booking the Tour

After spending a few days of cycling around Bagan, we then went straight to Mandalay. We were contemplating on taking a ferry boat to Mandalay but opted to take the bus instead due to budget constraints. Getting to Mandalay is easy as you can buy your bus tickets directly from your guesthouses. Upon arriving to Mandalay […]

In Photos – The Colorful Bagan Market

I always try to visit the local markets in most towns and cities that I go to. I always find something unique and interesting in markets. The market in Bagan is probably one of my favorite markets in Southeast Asia. It’s colorful, somewhat clean and it’s very photogenic. We got to this market by chance when […]

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