5 Things You Need to Pack When Travelling with Kids

Work and responsibilities can often get frustrating. We all need that much-needed break now and then with family, in peace. What can be better than taking a little break from all the hassle of a routine and giving yourself and your kids a fun little vacation? Kids always tend to make travelling more fun. So here are some of our picks for a perfect holiday with your children.

Warm Clothes

Travelling to colder destinations is always an apt choice for vacations. Hilly areas often have so much to offer for a perfectly pleasant trip. Always the one to fancy budget-friendly trips to cold, hilly destinations? Do a research of hotels in Lonavala and Khandala, some very felicitous locations, and plan your trip! Keeping your kids warm during these trips, however, is essential. The last thing you would want is the little ones getting sick on holiday! So, do not forget to pack all the warm clothes, like jackets, socks, gloves, and caps, for a safe and glorious experience.

Making a snow angel

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Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Trips to a variety of destinations as such would involve a fair amount of walking around places, not to mention climbing and other adventures. While fancy shoes might seem like a fantastic idea for fun holidays, comfortable shoes to walk and run in are quite the need. Comfortable pairs of shoes are a must-pack for your kids’ little adventure, so they run and climb and do all the exploring effortlessly! Carrying extra pairs would be a safe idea too.

Hiking shoe, Table Mountain

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Well, this is packing within packing! Backpacks come in very handy on trips. Although the elders can carry all the requirements of the kids themselves, it is always an expedient idea to let them carry some of their supplies with them. Some of these may include their favorite toys, or books to read during those long car/flight rides, or their best-loved sketchbook and colors (yes, we know those creative heads!), or simply some snacks! This would make your packing more organized and easy-to-reach. The little kid stuff will remain unmingled with yours and easily accessible to the toddlers. Throwing some bandages and antiseptic creams in there would be sensible too, for kids do tend to occasionally go overboard with exploring and those accidental wounds need to be taken care of too! So, let the kids do their own midget packing too!


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Sun blocks and Sunglasses

The sun can reach everywhere! Even the coldest of areas do play host to intense sun rays occasionally. Hence, carrying the appropriate essentials along to avoid the sun for your children is advisable. Sunscreens and sunglasses are great options. Drop a sunscreen tube in your hand luggage and some shades in their backpacks and be good to go!

New sunglasses

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Sanitation on the Go

While on a trip, it isn’t very easy to keep your kids clean. In all their exploring and running around, sanitation of the toddlers is risked. Keeping a hand sanitizer and wet wipes handy would be of great help when cleaning up on the go is concerned! These little things are sure to sort your cleanliness issues for your kids without having to avoid their fun!

hand sanitizer

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If you’ve stuck around this long, you sure have made your mind up for a vacation with your toddlers! Now that we have you sorted on some needs for your trip, you can head over to platforms like Yatra and get them to plan your unforgettable vacation for you! Look up for hotels at Lonavala and Khandala, and find all other details you’ll require and book your trip now!

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