The Best Natural Medicine Retreats Around the World

The use of natural medicines by general practitioners is becoming increasingly popular as medical science begins to discover the true value of nature’s produce. But it’s not just the body which can be healed by natural means. In today’s hectic and frenetic world the mind is also subject to more stress than ever before. It’s no coincidence that, with greater understanding of the human body and brain, larger numbers of people are choosing to take a break in one of the world’s natural wellness retreats.

Lanna Rehab – Chiang Mai

For those seeking a successful meth addiction treatment Thailand is a great destination. The progressive program of Lanna Meth Rehab features dual diagnosis programs which are proven effective to help overcome one’s addiction. Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Lanna Rehab’s captivating environment and the region’s world-famous natural beauty are also useful to one’s successful recovery. The exciting excursions such as the temple tours, trekking and visits to the waterfalls are ultimately energizing!

Deja Vu in Chiang Mai: 10 New Observations

Amatara Yoga:

If China is the home of natural treatments and practises for physical medical disorders, then Thailand must be the home for natural ways to repair and rejuvenate the mind. Amatara yoga is set amongst the natural coastal beauty of Phuket. With wellness sessions in yoga, pranayama, philosophy and meditation, as well as spa facilities and a healthy and nutritious menu, you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and totally rejuvenated.

Yoga beach

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Emotional Balance & Freedom Retreat:
This retreat is set on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, and sits amid its rich tropical vegetation. It provides all you would expect from a leading wellness and life enhancement retreat specialising in tried and tested Asian philosophies. With traditional healing treatments, one-on-one and group sessions, and mentors to assist in meditation and relaxation techniques, you will leave feeling less tense, and better equipped to deal with the daily stresses of a busy lifestyle.

Koh Samui

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The BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia:

A retreat that focuses on the wellness of both the body and mind, it provides a holistic viewpoint based on a mix of exercise, relaxation, nutrition and rejuvenation. Using a combination of Eastern and Western health and wellness practises, it offers improved levels of well being and healthy living. Spa treatments and water sports are encouraged alongside professional wellness guidance and healthy eating, to ultimately provide an improved daily lifestyle.

Les Pitons of St. Lucia

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SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain:

You don’t have to travel halfway round the world to enjoy the benefits of wellness retreats. For those who enjoy trying different forms of natural medicine, the SHA Wellness Clinic could be right up your street. The clinic is based on the Zen Buddhism idea of the Ying and Yang correlation between natural, wholesome foods and cookware. Defined as minimalist, the clinic offers cooking lessons, lectures and a range of therapies. As well as plenty of physical activity they employ a rigid healthy dietary system, so it could be the ideal venue for some serious weight loss.

Getting Prepared:

Wellness and natural medicine retreats and clinics are springing up all over the world. As more people become aware of the damage being done to body and mind from unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, and the stresses of daily life, greater numbers are choosing to take the plunge, and discover what a wellness retreat is all about. So how do you prepare for your first visit?

Firstly if you have any nasty snacking habits, like a daily cream cake or pack of crisps, they need to go. Replace with fruit. Many who choose to use naturopathic wellness centres do so in the hope of finding relief from medical conditions mainstream medicine has no cure for. Any medication, for example pain relief, should be taken with you. Ensure you have good quality medical insurance in case of any mishap. Sites such as or provide this. In a world of cheap flights, booking direct with your chosen wellness retreat and hunting out cheap air flights could save a considerable amount of money, especially at certain times of the year. Sites like and can be used to help you find these.

Travel light. You will have no need of hairdryers, tablets or dancing shoes. A few leotards or pairs of shorts, exercise vests, swimming costumes and a couple of pairs of comfortable trainers will be all you require in most centres.

Finally, whatever your reason for visiting a natural medicine retreat, relax, learn, and enjoy the experience.


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