40 Must See Beautiful Islands and Beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to 7,107 islands and islets and it’s no surprise that this beautiful country has tons of gorgeous beaches that you could visit and explore. There are white sand beaches, black sand beaches and even a pink sand beach. Each of these beaches offer spectacular sunrise and sunset views. The choices are almost endless.

Before I share with you my list, check out this interactive Philippine beach map created by Expedia Philippines. There are four items to choose from, simply choose if you are a retiree, travelling with your family, friends or if you’re a couple and the interactive map will give you some suggested places to go to and show you their location on the interactive map.

This interactive map will surely make planning your next holiday a breeze.

Now, as I promised, here’s my list of 40 must see beautiful islands and beaches in the Philippines that will make you book your flight ticket right away.

Virgin Island – Bohol

Tropical ParadisePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Virgin Island, Bohol by L.Balois

Seven Commando – El Nido

El Nido BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Seven Commando, El Nido, Palawan by riddler214

Lagen Island – El Nido

El Nido LagenPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Lagen Island, El Nido, Palawan by jackversloot

White Beach – Boracay

BoracayPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): White Beach, Boracay by insmu74

Dimakya Island

Dimakya IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Dimakya Island by michaelfitz

Bacuit Bay

Bacuit Bay, PalawanPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Snake Island by franciscodaum

Bantayan Island

SandbarPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Sandbar at Bantayan Island, Cebu by yoodz

Siquijor Island

SiquijorPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Siquijor by yoodz

Port Barton

Port BartonPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Port Barton, Palawan by stoto98


Blue Lagoon AerialPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Pagudpud by storm-crypt

Malapascua Island

Bounty Beach, MalapascuaPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Bounty Beach, Malapascua by mattkieffer

Mantigue Island

mantigue islandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Mantigue Island by visualities


AmanpuloPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Amanpulo by pablo_marx

Dos Palmas

Dos PalmasPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island by chewychua

Alona Beach

Alona BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Alona Beach by dachalan

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Diniwid Beach by teknetia

Nacpan and Calitang Beaches

Nacpan and CalitangPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Nacpan and Calitang Beach by allan_the_colorblind

Calanggaman Island

Calanggaman IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Calanggaman Island by geekyspaz

Matukad Island

Matukad IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Matukad Island by yoodz

Pandan Island

Approaching Pandan IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Pandan Island, Palawan by storm-crypt

Club Paradise – Busuanga

Club Paradise, Busuanga, PalawanPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Club Paradise, Busuanga, Palawan by barsvd

Puka Beach – Boracay

Bangka at Puka Shell beachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Puka Shell Beach, Boracay by dr_tr

Talicud Island

Talicud IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Talicud Island by yoodz

Potipot Island

Potipot IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Potipot Island by camilius

Capones Island

Capones IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Capones Island by iliveinphilippines

Mactan Island

Coral Reef BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Mactan Island by patoy

Apo Island

Apo IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Apo Island by yoodz

Sumilon Island

Sumilon IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Sumilon Island by allan_the_colorblind

Coco Beach

DFront beach of Coco beach resortPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Coco Beach, Puerto Galera by autanex


Batangas BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Batangas Beach by storm-crypt

Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Malcapuya Island by scottcwebster

Fuego Beach

Fuego BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Fuego Beach by migsambo

White Beach – Puerto Galera

White Beach of GaleraPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): White Beach, Puerto Galera by acullador


CoronPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Coron by ails

Samal Island

Isla RetaPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Isla Reta, Samal by biagkensiak

Sandugan Beach

Siquijor - Sandugan BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Sandugan Beach, Siquijor by adamgn

Camotes Island

Camotes Island, CebuPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Camotes Island by flickrchic

Sabang Beach – Palawan

Palawan, PhilippinesPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Sabang Beach, Palawan by jessie66

Honda Bay

StrandedPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Honda Bay, Palawan by layos

Lahos Island

Lahos IslandPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Lahos Island by roslynyoungrosalia

Tayak Beach

Tayak BeachPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Tayak Beach by yoodz

Spend more time in the Philippines and discover more beautiful islands and beaches.


  1. yes, Philippines is rich of beautiful beaches, not counted my hometown Caraga Region of northeastern mindanao.


  2. Your list is awesome, FlipNomad. The pictures and the interactive Philippine beach map are cool!

  3. Those beaches are simply unbelievable! Talk about paradise.

  4. Wow beautiful pictures and great list of destinations. We’ve been to a few of these but would love to visit more. So far our favourite Philippines experience was island-hopping around the stunning El Nido archipelago! A definite rival to Halong Bay in Vietnam 🙂

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