Why To Choose Bucharest As a Destination

For those who have been to most of the major tourist destinations in the world and for those who are looking for an alternative holiday destination, consider Bucharest as your next city to discover. If you are planning your next vacation, don’t book your plane tickets yet and check out our list of five places to visit in the capital city of Romania – Bucharest.

Romanian Parliament

Romanian Parliament is considered as the largest building in Europe and the world’s second largest building (next to Pentagon). It’s really a sight to behold and also something that is almost impossible to missed when you’re in the city to to its immense size. There are 1,100 rooms in total and it’s also the seat of the National Parliament of Romania and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Romanian ParliamentPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Romanian Parliament by adragnes

Old Town – Historical Centre

For those who wants to experience the old charm of this city, visit the Historical Centre of Bucharest. There are so many charming buildings that can be found in this area. It is also the place to go to if you want to meet people as it’s where you can find nice restaurants and bars.

Old TownPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Old Town by stefanjurca

Revolution Square and University Square

Learn something about the past of Bucharest and visit these two symbolic places that shaped the history of this capital city. Revolution square which is previously known as the Palace Square, is where you can find the former Royal Palace which is now the Romanian National Art Museum, the Athenaeum, the Athénée Palace Hotel, the Library of the University of Bucharest and the Memorial of the Rebirth.

University square is the place where some of the most violent episodes of the 1989 revolution took place. To commemorate the unfortunate event that happened here, ten crosses were erected in the central part of the boulevard and a large black stone cross marks the spot where the first protester was killed.

Walk towards the south of University square and you’ll find more historic and interesting buildings.

Revolution SquarePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Revolution Square by jorge-11

Herastrau Park

Take a break from your daily tour and head to Herastrau Park which is located in the north of Bucharest. There are tons of activities that can be done inside the park. You can rent a bike and explore the park or rent a boat and just have a relaxing cruise around the lake.

Herastrau ParkPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Herastrau Park by alexpanoiu

Visit the Museums

There are many museums that can be found in this city and some of the most visited include: Bucharest Jewish Museum, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Romanian National History Museum.

During lunch and dinner, head on to local restaurants as well to experience the gastronomic delights that this city offers its visitors.

These are just some of the places that you can see in Bucharest. If you have enough time and if you want to get to know this city better then it would be better if you stay longer in this city. Check out the internet for studio apartments for rent as they deem to be cheaper that staying in hotels.

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