Private Villas In Bali Offer Better Holidays Than Hotels

Taking a break to the beautiful island of Bali can be the trip of a lifetime. While Bali has some of the best deals on hotels, you may want to consider a beautiful private villa at a premium resort such as Karma. Hotels are great and you can get some real deals, but not all hotels are created equal. Some hotels are absolutely fantastic, and you’ll get great five star ratings not only from travel industry websites, but from traveler driven websites like However, for a similar price, private villas on Bali are gaining ground with fantastic amenities like private pools, while offering all the services of a premium hotel.

Beautiful Bali!

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Bali is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. In 2014 9.3 million people this beautiful island paradise, according to Flights into Bandar Udara International Airport leave many times every day, often with only one stop on the way. Your travel time from Delhi can be as little as nine or 10 hours. And Bali is an exceptional deal especially considering the exchange rate between India’s rupee and Indonesia’s rupiyah, which according to is 1INR:206IDR. This means your hard-earned money will go a lot further in when you take advantage of special luxury resort offers in Bali.

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The average hotel room can run from as little as 22 square meters to about 100. The typical hotel room accommodation is composed one room plus bath and containing one or two beds, a desk with chair, wardrobe or closet area, and a dresser. In a nicer room you may even get a seating area, and a table and chairs for an eating area. Outside areas may can consist of a small balcony, or more likely a window looking out over a resort area. At a private villa you can have your choice of multiple bedrooms, living areas, and even private pools offering complete privacy for you and your family or group of friends. You won’t even need to leave to enjoy massages, delicious cuisine, or other amenities of the resort. Villas also can come with staff in addition to the complement of the resort, including private cooks, housekeeping, and even on-site babysitting. And while at a shared swimming pool, you might meet with other guests bad or inappropriate behavior, at your own private pool can rest and relax in complete serenity.

A Private Getaway for All Reasons

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a getaway with your girlfriends where you could all just rest and relax? Or a place to take your family that could be a home away from home for all the generations? Or how about a great big house for just the two of you on a very special getaway? All of these scenarios are much easier to manage when you’re not jammed in bookcase style with a few thousand other people all on their own holidays. That’s not to say that nightlife, and the party till dawn lifestyle is out of reach at a private villa, since Bali and its resort areas play host to some of the most exciting nightlife options from exclusive rooftop dance clubs to homey Irish pubs. Booking now for the upcoming summer season will guarantee you a better pic of villas, on your preferred dates.

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Getting to Bali is pretty easy, with flights leaving Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai for Denpassar International Airport. Flight times are generally 8 to 11 hours, depending on stops, and your choices of airlines include Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Air India, Tiger Air and other carriers. Searching for the best travel bargains on the Internet can save you a bundle on airfare, leaving you with more money for day trips, night out, shopping, and spoiling yourself with massages and spa treatments.

Don’t Forget Your Passport

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Travelers from India must obtain a visa, either before leaving on their trip or on arrival at the airport. Visa on arrival is granted to Indian travelers and the cost is roughly 2222 INR, according to and is valid for 30 days. That’s enough time for a nice long vacation! Your day of arrival counts as one day, as does your day of departure. There is a penalty for overstaying your visa that is 200,000 IDR per day, if you wish to extend your visa there are agents in most of the resorts who will help you to do so, so that you are not find upon leaving the country. Also your passport must be valid for at least the next six months from your date of entry. So get your passport, pack your suitcases, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime to Bali – the island of the gods.

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