Five Ways to Stay Healthy and Save Money For Your Next Trip

Traveling does not only need sufficient money to cover your expenses, it also needs a healthy body so you could fully enjoy various physical activities like snorkeling, skiing, diving, parasailing etc. Flying long haul and engaging in outdoor activities could be very strenuous and might take a toll in your health especially if you’re not fit and healthy.

If you’re thinking of how to stay healthy and save money for your next trip at the same time, check out our tips.

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Cut Back On Your Vices Or Quit Them If You Can

Smoking is one of the vices that is actually expensive but you barely notice the cost since you jusy buy a pack a day. But if you add everything up, then you will realize how expensive it really is. Imagine spending $3/day, that’s $90/month or $1080/year. You could actually use that money instead to pay for your flights. I know that quitting this habit doesn’t happen overnight but it is possible. You can start by gradually minimizing the number of sticks that you smoke or you could switch temporarily to e-cigarette until you break the habit. Here’s a more detailed comparison of e-cigarettes vs tobacco and check out how much you could save and other benefits if you switch to e-cig (and of course eventually quit smoking).

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Frequent night out and drinking in bars and pubs can be very costly as well. Which brings us to our next tip.

Prepare Your Own Drinks

Going out every night to drink is very expensive. It’s actually more expensive than smoking. How much does a bottle of beer costs in a bar? How much do you consume every time you go out? If you really love to go out with friends to chat and talk about how your days went then maybe you could all start thinking of creative ways to do it. Maybe you could opt to have a small party at home instead, mix your own drinks and ask your friends to bring their other friends so you could meet new people.

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Your daily trip to an expensive cafe could also put a hole in your wallet especially if you aren’t really earning that much. Maybe you could opt to buy your own coffee-maker instead so you could enjoy a nice cup of brewed coffee at a fraction of the price.

If fresh juice is your thing then buy a juicer instead. Fresh fruits and veggies are very cheap at the supermarket. Buy a lot and make your own juice. You could also buy a book so you could learn various ways of mixing different kinds of fruits and veggies.

Cook Your Own Food

Everyone knows that eating out can be very expensive especially if you are fond of expensive deli shops. Why not prepare your own meals before you go to your work. You can be assured that it’s clean and fresh because you prepared it yourself.

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Buy a recipe book or just check out various food blogs online and follow their recipes. Cooking is a nice skill that will definitely leave a good impression to your dates, friends and even your colleagues.

Walk Instead of Taking Cabs

Walking has a lot of benefits and I didn’t even need to list all the health benefits that you’ll get from walking. If you’re fond of taking cabs even in short distances then maybe you should consider walking instead. If it’s just a kilometer or two and especially if the weather is nice and sunny, then just walk.

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Some studies say that even if you just spend 30 minutes per day walking, it could greatly affect your overall health especially your cardiovascular fitness. It could strengthen your bones, reduce fat and of course improve your stamina and endurance.

Sleep A Lot

Many people dismiss the health benefits that we get from getting adequate sleep. It is during our sleep when our body rejuvenates itself. It does not only help us improve our physiological health, but it also has a positive impact on our mental health.

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A well rested and stress-free body could lead to a more productive you. You could actually invest a portion of the money you saved from the above-mentioned tips in making your bedroom a great place conducive to resting. Try to research on pillows and mattress that promotes better sleep and try them out before you purchase them. If you could, remove your TV from your bedroom and other distractions as well.

These five tips will definitely help you save money for your next trip. It will make sure that you are fit and ready to go out and engage in your chosen adventure activities.

Do you have additional tips and suggestion? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.


  1. Agree with cooking my own food as a great way to save and be healthier. I don’t have too many other vices other than loving to eat out!

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