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There are certain events in life which should be savoured for as long as possible. We work hard all year around for our holidays, so I believe our one or two weeks away should be embraced and enjoyed, every single second of it.

If you were given the chance to start your break a night earlier, making your whole travel day easier as a result, would you take it?

Of course you would!

Staying the night at an airport hotel not only gives you an earlier start to your break, but also means you are exactly where you need to be when it comes to getting to the terminal door, without worrying about factors that could affect your travel. No matter where you fly from, you can take advantage of this major perk, including those flying from Irish airports, with Dublin Airport hotels offered at fantastic rates.

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If you are prone to getting a little highly strung in the days leading up to departure, staying on site also has many benefits, because the knowledge that you are already there is stress-lowering in itself. Of course, add to that the time saved, without having to get up at stupid o’clock for an early flight, and you will no doubt feel much more refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re a packing worrier, much like me, then check out this handy holiday checklist from Holiday Extras – there’s everything you could possibly think of all in one place. Saves me time and stress.

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Peace of mind is invaluable, so insurance is another of those things which will lower your stress to manageable, and hopefully non-existent, levels. Some people are put off insurance because they worry that their pre-existing medical problems will higher the price considerably, but that’s not always the case. Never book insurance without first declaring any pre-existing problems, and you will find there are some great value policies out there for pre-existing conditions insurance, it’s simply a case of searching. Travelling without adequate insurance is never worth the risk.

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With your stress lowered, you’re free to enjoy your travel days as well as your actual time in resort. Staying overnight also means you can make the evening before a part of your break, perhaps with a movie and meal, a few drinks, or simply a good night’s sleep before you embark on your flight. However you choose to spend your time, being within a stone’s throw of the terminal door means you don’t have to leave quite so early, and you can spend your time getting ready however you please, without turning up at the check-in desk bleary eyed and wild-eyed!

Don’t let your pre-conceived ideas of additional cost put you off this idea, because there are bargains out there if you take the time to look, and after all, your holiday deserves a little extra sparkle.

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