Cruise Plotter – An Interactive Map to Help You Plan Your Dream Holiday

Holidays are the perfect way to unwind. However, the procedure behind planning your dream holiday could only be described as somewhat stressful. When you begin to plan and prepare your holiday you have many decisions to make such as: which destination to visit? What activities or excursions to do? And the biggest questions of all will this all fit within my budget?

Santorini Cruise LinersPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Santorini Cruise by abir82

Since there are many options to choose from, I will make that choice slightly easier for you. Go for a Cruise. Yes, you heard correctly, a Cruise holiday! Cruises offer the best of both worlds. You get to visit multiple captivating locations in one trip and they provide a multitude of events and activities to keep all ages entertained. With the all-new Cruise Plotter from Deal Checker, you can browse and check 1000’s of cruises travelling all over the world; until you find a great deal worth snapping up.

Cruise ShipPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Cruise by momentsnotice

Simply browse the map and select a desired location, you will then be shown a variety of different Cruises that are either travelling to or passing through that destination. You can also refine your results based on price, duration, date and even by specific Cruise providers. Planning that perfect trip just got easier!

Cruise ships on the Geiranger FjordPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Cruise Ships on the Geiranger Fjord by brian_digital

The only difficult choice you now have to endure is where to go on your holiday. Do you want to experience the wonders of the hot springs in Iceland? Or do you want to explore the islands of the Bahamas? Don’t delay, get over to Deal Checker and start preparing your perfect holiday!


  1. Coolio! Will check out Cruise Plotter, planning a cruise holiday this summer so it should be really useful. Thanks!

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