Top Five Things to Do in New Jersey

If you’re done visiting the must see places of New York and has a few more days to spare, then why not check out it’s neighboring state – New Jersey. New Jersey has a lot to offer when it comes to fun and entertainment. There’s a plethora of options for both individuals and group travelers. If you’re planning to visit soon, check out our list of top ten things to do in New Jersey.

New Jersey State Museum

New Jersey State Museum

Photo Credits (Wikimedia CC): New Jersey State Museum by Doug Coldwell

There are tons of museum in New Jersey and historical buffs will definitely love this place. One of the oldest is the New Jersey Museum which was opened in 1895. It has a lot of artifacts collected in the region since the 19th century and there’s also a huge planetarium that could accommodate 150 people and also an auditorium that could seat 380 visitors. Be sure to also check out the current exhibits by various artists from all over the country. Click here to see the upcoming exhibitions schedule.

Watch a Live Concert Performances

MicPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Mic by robnas

There are so many arenas in New Jersey where you could watch music concerts, stage plays and also sports. Some of the biggest arenas in New Jersey include; the Prudential Center, Izod Center and Metlife Stadium. If you’re thinking of watching a concert of popular celebrities then you’re in luck, Cher will be having a concert on December 12 at Prudential Center.

Take a Break and Press Your Luck

WinPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Win by Caesars Casino

If you’re tired of going around and visiting various places of interest then why not take a break from all the hustle and bustle and relax in your hotel room for awhile. And while doing so, you could press your luck by playing some games on casinos online. Online casino gaming is legal and monitored by the State of New Jersey. And then after a day of rest, you could continue your tour by bring your family and friends to various places of interest in New Jersey.

Bring Your Friends and Family to Theme Parks

Roller CoasterPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Roller Coaster by sackerman519

If you’re traveling with your kids then you should definitely bring them to theme parks. There are many theme parks and water parks to choose from and if you’re looking for one of the biggest and most popular place to go then visit Six Flags Great Adventure. There are so many thrilling rides that will surely make this trip a very memorable one especially for your kids.

Check Out The Jersey Shore

Jersey ShorePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): The Wildwoods by tonythemisfit

The Jersey Shore has been popularized by MTV and has become one of the popular places in New Jersey. The Jersey Shore is actually the coastal region of New Jersey and there are so many areas to visit. One of the most popular is The Wildwoods. The Jersey Shore is popular among locals and vacationeers from neighboring states due to its many boardwalks, arcades and amusement parks.

These are just some of the things that you could do in New Jersey. Spend a few more days and discover more places to visit. How about you? Have you been to New Jersey? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.

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