Top 5 Tours To Do in your Costa Rica Honeymoon

Costa Rica is an amazing place to celebrate love! A lot of couples choose this Central America destination to go on their honeymoon due to the cozy boutique hotels, romantic sunsets at the beach, beautiful spas and the infinity of activities that can be done there.

In fact, Costa Rica has been named as one of the most romantic places for a honeymoon vacation package.

Here are the top 5 tours you can’t miss if you choose Costa Rica as your honeymoon destination:

Horse Ride through the Beach

Imagine a colorful sky, the sound of the waves and you and your loved one alone in an isolated beach of white sand. Well, you can have that in Costa Rica! Without a doubt, this is a perfect tour for honeymooners. You can book a horseback ride both, morning and evening, to enjoy the cool breeze of the sunrise or the colors of the sunsets.

Sunset Cruise


Photo Credits (Flickr CC): Sunset Cruise by melaniefeuerer

If you and couple are not into animals and nature, there is still an option to enjoy the beach and the colorful sky: a sunset cruise. In these cruises you will have the opportunity to do some snorkeling, watch the dolphins and if you are really lucky, even a whale! These tours are popular in young couples because you have the chance to meet a lot of people and to enjoy some drinks in the sea.

Couples Massage

MassagePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Massage by nickwebb

You can book a couples massage almost in all Costa Rica hotels and there is nothing best than a relaxation time with your love at your side. In Costa Rica, all spas are great and have a variety of treatments, some with volcanic rocks and mud or coffee.

Wine Tasting

Wine TastingPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Wine by bsabarnowl

Costa Rica is not a wine producer, but if you and your couple are wine lovers, here you can enjoy really good wines from all over the world. Some hotels have special and romantic places beside a fireplace or with amazing views of the beach, a volcano or a forest, to spend a whole afternoon doing wine tasting.

Hot Springs

Hot SpringsPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Hot Springs by lawley

Hot springs are perfect for everybody because, who doesn’t love relaxation? But if you are celebrating your honeymoon in Costa Rica, it is an amazing idea to plan some time in the hot springs before dinner for example. There are hot springs in several regions of this country, so no matter what places are you visiting, you cannot miss this!


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