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If your native tongue is Spanish and if you’re looking for a travel blog that is written in Spanish then you’re in luck. Our featured travel blog for this week is one of the most popular and most widely read travel blog in South America and it’s called

Nelson’s travel blog will keep you inspired as he has so many gorgeous photographs, tons of travel tips and also very engaging videos that will surely make you want to book a flight ticket right away. You’ll easily notice Nelson’s passion and creativity when you browse through his blog as the content is highly engaging and inspiring.

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But before you leave this page, check out my short interview with Nelson.

Nelson Mochilero

How did you discover your passion for travelling?

“I have read about Charles Darwin’s expeditions and it inspired me to see those places. I’m also inspired with the passion of other travelers.”

What’s the most horrible experience that you’ve had on the road?

“Losing my backpack (but then hopefully finding it in another city).”

What’s the best travel experience that you’ve ever had?

“Finding love on the road.”

Nelson Mochilero

What’s the biggest realization that you’ve got out of travelling?

“That I could earn a living just doing what I love to do.”

What keeps you going? What keeps you motivated?

“The passion I have for my work as a traveler, a photographer and a writer. I also make documentaries, create amazing photos and collect stories for my future grandsons :)”

This is a silly and hypothetical one. If you would be given a chance to travel with a popular person or a celebrity, who would it be and why?

“… with Marty McFly to travel through time!”

Nelson Mochilero

Where’s your favorite place in this planet and why?

“Anywhere I can find absolutely silence and being aware of the universe.”

What’s your best tip for newbie traveler?

“Don’t wait until you have saved lot of money to start travelling. Money isn’t everything. If you feel lost in this world it’s because you didn’t go out to connect with your surroundings and with other people.”

What’s the funniest and silliest thing you’ve ever done while travelling?

“I once tried to plan a trip with just a map and my finger across it, without considering other things such as the weather, roads, mountains, jungles, etc.”

Nelson Mochilero

How do you fund your travels?

“I don’t need to. Travels are looking for me all the time.”

How do you keep yourself safe on your travels?

“I can’t keep myself safe. Eventually I will die. But knowing the cultures of the places you’re visiting is really a nice start to know how to properly behave and to keep yourself out of trouble.”

What do you think about yourself?

“I’m a nice dude, looking all the time for the most inspiring stuff, projects and ideas from around the world. I like to be involved in audiovisual or musical projects with new people and enjoy life to the extreme.”

Nelson Mochilero

“My personal blog is about things I think about the human behavior, the cultures and the mysteries I found along the way. I also publish photos with my personal style and videoblogs on youtube.” – Nelso Mochilero of

Editor’s Note: All pics are provided by Nelson Mochilero.


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