How to Go to Don Muang Airport by Train

Taxi is always the fastest way to go to Don Muang Airport and the most convenient as well since you can just load all your baggage at the trunk of the car and off you go. But if you are on a very tight budget and you’re traveling with just a carry on then you might as well try taking the train to Don Muang Airport from Bangkok City Center.

If you are up for an adventure then here’s an information that could help you get to Don Muang Airport by train.

How to Go to Don Muang Airport by Train

First, you have to go to Hua Lam Phong Train Station, if you’re living in Chinatown then it may just be a short walking distance from your hotel, otherwise, you can just take a public bus or MRT to get to this station. I do suggest that you go to the station at least 4 – 5 hours prior your flight schedule. An hour is allotted for the travel time (the train is quite slow), an hour extra for the possible break down or if it stops at a certain station for quite some time and of course the remaining three hours for the check in procedure.

There seems to be plenty of trains passing through Don Muang since it’s one of the stops of the trains serving the nearby towns. Check with the information center (near the ticket booth) for the schedule.

Once you’re aboard the train, make sure to keep your ticket as someone checks it along the way, you can also ask them (whoever checks your train ticket) to let you know once you’re in Don Muang. Once the train stops at Don Muang Station, you’ll see the footbridge that is connected to the airport.

Ain’t it easy. 😉

The best part of this trip is the ridiculously cheap fare – it’s just 5 Baht per person!


Price might (or might not) have changed by the time you read this post.


  1. sounds complicated! I would opt for the taxi!

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