Ten Things to Do in Battambang

Battambang is quite off the radar from the tourists crowds, this city receives only a small fraction of tourists compare to its more popular neighbor Siem Reap. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do in this quaint city of Cambodia. Here are ten things to do in Battambang.

1. Walk Around and Marvel at the Well Preserved Colonial Buildings

Battambang has so many colonial buildings that are well preserved as of now. But unregulated development is slowly creeping in and you might not see these buildings anymore in the future so visit now while you can still see them.


2. Spend Your Afternoon at the Quay (Riverside)

Spend a relaxing afternoon at the riverside and observe activities of the locals. It’s also a great place to have coffee, beer or other refreshments as there are some coffee shops along the riverside.

Battambang Riverside

3. Visit the Market

It has been said that to get to know a particular place a bit well you must visit their markets. The central market of Battambang is just a few steps away from the riverside. Check it out and get to know the local food and delicacies being sold in the market.

Battambang Central Market

4. Watch the Sunset

Almost everyone loves watching the sunset and one of the best places to see this in Battambang is at the riverside.

Battambang River

5. Visit Local Vineyards

This is usually part of the daily tours being offered in the city. You also have the chance to taste some of the locally produced wine, whisky and grape and ginger lemon juices.

Ten Things to Do in Battambang

6. Visit The Killing Caves at Phnom Sempeau

Learn a bit of Cambodian history and visit the Killing Fields at Phnom Sempeau.

Phnom Sempeau

8. Visit Battambang’s Old Railway Station

This is not part of the tours being offered but you can ask your guide to drop by to check it out. I enjoyed my time when I visited the old railway station of Battambang because it gave me an opportunity to have a glimpse at some of the remnants of Battambang’s past glory.

If the “Bamboo Train” is what you’re looking for though, it’s on a different area. But it’s usually part of the tours being offered so you’ll definitely see it and ride on it if you want.

Battambang Train Station

9. Don’t Forget to Go to Banan Temple

Banan Temple

Banan Temple is to Battambang just like as Angkor Wat is to Siem Reap. It’s not as well maintained though as the latter but it’s still worth the visit.

10. Check Out Some Local Art Galleries


Battambang is home to a lot of local artists and skilled artisans and there are a few galleries that you can visit to check out current exhibitions. One of those galleries that you should check out is Make Maek at No. 66 St. 2.5 near the central Market.

These are just some of the things that you can do and see in Battambang, there’s a whole lot more that can be done in this city if you just spend an extra day or so.

Ten Things to Do in Battambang

Have you been to Battambang? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.


  1. what a beautiful looking place. I love off the beaten track places

  2. Beautiful pictures, we are heading there at the end of the month so really looking forward to seeing it for real. Didn’t realise there were vineyards so will definatley check that out. 🙂

  3. Cambodia has another side besides Angkor Wat. You gave us a pretty good picture of it. Thanks.

  4. Great list ! I loved the laid back atmosphere in Battambang.
    I didn’t see the old railway station but I did go on the bamboo train ride. The bamboo ride has an Indiana Jones feeling to it and is a lot of fun.
    I also attended a fish fight and visited a crocodile farm. The former is considered an illegal activity in Cambodia though.

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