Five Places I’d Like to Visit in Spain

I have always been fascinated with Spain but haven’t had the chance to go yet. I’ve been to Europe a few years back but had only visited France and only for a few days and haven’t had the chance to visit the other neighboring countries. I’ve been toying with the idea of studying Spanish in Spain just to be able to spend quite some time in this country but it’s still a plan as of now. If I’ll get a chance to visit Spain in the near future, I’ll definitely visit these places:


Five Places I'd Like to Visit in Spain

Photo Credits (Flickr CC): Madrid Centro by David HT

In case I get to visit Spain in the future, my first stop would definitely be the capital city which is Madrid. I’d love to see how modern infrastructure co-exist with the historical buildings. Madrid is also known as one of the cities that has a lot of open air parks and greeneries. And most importantly, I’d love to visit the various museums and art galleries in Madrid.


Casa Milà (La Pedrera)Photo Credits (Flickr CC): La Pedrera by DraXus

Aside from visiting friends (who reside in Barcelona) that I met in my travels, I would also love to visit the various architecture masterpieces such as the La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. And aside from those place, I’d probably visit the other World Heritage Sites as well in Barcelona.


Tenerife Los CristianosPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Tenerife by ahisgett

One of the islands that I would love to visit is Tenerife. I’ve heard some great things about this place by various travelers that I met along the way. Sometimes I do check the internet for great package holiday deals to Tenerife and compare the cost if in case going I do a DIY trip instead. If ever I’d be able to go in the future, aside from checking out the beach in Tenerife, I would also love to explore the rugged terrains of the island and visit the Teide National Park.


Alhambra CarvingsPhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Alhambra by Vaughan Williams

Granada is also one of my dream destination in Spain. I’d love to visit the Alhambra and also see the rich Spanish-Muslim Arts. It also seem to be a very laidback city and I’ll be glad to explore and visit the historical sites in this city.


Valencia BluePhoto Credits (Flickr CC): Valencia by KΛ13

One of the main reason why I’d love to visit Valencia is Paella. Some folks that I met in my travels who’ve been to Spain said that they make great paella’s in Valencia. It’s also a nice city where I can see myself just hanging out in cafes just people watching or reading a book. Five places seem to be not enough on the list, if I could stay for a long time I’ll also definitely check out Salamanca, Ibiza and other interesting places in Spain.

Have you been to Spain? Which city/town is your favorite? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.


  1. You should definitely include Cordoba if you travel to Spain. The Jewish quarter is very charming!

  2. Andalusia makes me feel totally at home. Visit my travelblog and let me take you on a visual journey through Spain. 🙂

  3. We haven’t been to Spain yet but it’s on our list to visit in the near future. I can’t wait to visit Barcelona and see all the marvelous architecture! Thanks for the inspiring photos too!

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