How to Save Money and Still Have Fun

Holidays are something that are looked forward to all year round and something that you really want to make special – chances are it will be another 12 months before you get another one after all!

This doesn’t mean however that you can completely break your bank balance and spend all of your money though so how can you save money and still have fun?

How to Save Money and Still Have Fun



One big expense you encounter when going on holiday is with travel and most obviously, flight prices. The earlier that you book these, the cheaper they will be which means it is always something to try and do if you can.

That isn’t always possible though, so one option you have is to see which airport offers the cheapest flights to the place you want to go. For example, you might live near Birmingham airport and want to go to Greece but it may work out cheaper for you to fly to a different airport then onto Greece – something that you need to check. It might involve a little extra work but it’ll be worth it for the money you can save. If you end up having to go to a different city for cheaper flights then you could always go up a few days earlier and have a mini break in that city before you go on holiday – win-win!

This would be great if you choose flights from Edinburgh where there is lots to explore before you go away.


Once you’ve reached your destination it can be easy to get carried away with spending. A lot of holidaymakers forget to take living costs and spending money into account when setting their budgets but it’s important to keep saving money while away.

This means looking for free attractions that you can enjoy. The likes of museums and art galleries often fall into this category and are a great option. Most tourist information centers will be able to direct you towards the best free attractions in the area you visit and you may find that some places only charge for entrance into specific areas or exhibitions. If this isn’t something you are overly interested in then enjoying the free parts of the attraction may be a better call.

Another tip is to look for discount vouchers. A number of hotels and tourist information centers will have access to these but you may also get a discount with traveler tickets and other purchases. Inquiring about student discount is also advisable for anyone who is eligible.

19611961 Art Gallery in Siem Reap

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