The Golden Temple of Amritsar

Amritsar would probably be one of those last minute decisions we’ve made. Coming from Dharamsala, we were torned between going to Delhi (which was more than 500KM away) or Haridwar and Rishikesh. But since we already decided to visit a bird sanctuary in Bharatpur, we just went to Amritsar instead which was just a hundred kilometers from Dharamsala and took a train from there to Bharatpur.

Most people who go to Amritsar usually just go to one place, the Golden Temple.

The Golden Temple would probably one of the most iconic and probably also one of the most photographed building in India. It’s actually a Sikh temple not Hindu but the temple welcomes visitors and worshippers from all religions and all walks of life.

As a tourist, you have an option to stay inside the temple if you want to. We initially thought about that staying in the temple but have decided to stay in a hostel instead.

There are some minor stuff that you need to know before you go to the Golden Temple. First, you have to leave your shoes or flip flops to keep the temple grounds clean and second, you have to cover your head with a scarf as a sign of respect. And also, there’s no entrance fee. πŸ™‚

The Golden Temple of Amritsar

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Upon entering, I immediately felt how holy this temple is for the people who go here. There’s a certain vibe that I just could not explain. Unlike some temples that I’ve visited in India, it’s a little quite and serene inside the Golden Temple.

Golden Temple

I was planning to spend the whole day photographing but ended up joining the still silence and just observed everything that was happening around me.

I noticed that people are bathing, drinking and washing their faces on the water the surrounds the Golden Temple. According to the local man that we met inside the temple, the water is considered holy thus the word Amrit meaning “holy water” and “immortal nectar”.

Golden Temple

We waited until night time to see the temple all lit up. And as soon as dusk fell, the place is surrounded by the echoing prayers coming from the temple. Everyone sat in silence including the local and foreign visitors. It’s such a surreal experience.

If you strive to have a similar experience, then don’t hesitate to book a trip and room online. There are a plethora of travel sites on the internet that will not only assist you in booking last minute trips, but potentially save you a significant amount of money on hotels. It only takes a few moments to find the right hotel and flight. Regardless of budget, you can make accommodations for traveling to Amritsar in no time. Believe me when I say your adventure will begin as soon as you exit the plane.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Go and check it out for yourself. πŸ™‚


  1. I felt the same way about the Golden Temple. The Taj didn’t really do it for me, but there’s something about all the people, and the music and worship that’s going on at the Golden Temple— it felt really special. Probably one of my favorite parts of India!!

  2. This temple has been on my bucket list for a very long time!! The night snapshots are the best! Well done, really love the way it looks at your photos.

  3. So weird. We actually went to Amritsar from Dharamsala also on a whim because we did not want to take another 14-hour bus to Delhi. The Golden Temple is one of my favorite places in India. It’s quite a spiritual experience being there. You know it is holy as soon as you step inside. Great night shots! I would have loved to see the temple at night, too.

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