Keoladeo National Park – Best Place in India for Bird Watching

I love seeing animals in the wild. My interest with animals started when I was a kid. I always go to libraries just to read about them. I always watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel to see what they look like, how they live, etc. I’ve always dreamt that someday I’ll be able to visit them in their natural habitat and see them running and flying freely.

That chance came true when I flew to India. I visited Jaldapara National Park in West Bengal. I saw some wild elephants, Indian rhinos, Indian bison, Sambar deers, parakeets, peacocks and other variety of birds. It was such a joy to have been given a chance to see and observe them in their “home”.

After my first visit to a national park in India, I got hooked reading and researching about the other national parks. I was planning to go to Ranthabore and Gir but found out that it was close during the monsoon season. Luckily there’s a park in Bharatpur, Rajasthan that is open when I was there.

So immediately, we booked a hotel in Bharatpur near Keoladeo National Park (formerly known as Bharatpur Bird sanctuary).

Keoladeo National Park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to more than 200 species of birds. a few mammals and retiles call this place their home and some of those animals include: antelopes, Sambar deers, jackals, striped hyenas(rarely seen), monitor lizards and some snakes.

Here are some pictures of Keoladeo National Park:

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park Rickshaw that drove us in some areas of Keoladeo

Keoladeo National Park Our tour guide looking at the Hunting Chart (hunting is not allowed anymore)

Keoladeo National Park Temple inside the Park

Keoladeo National Park One of the many viewing decks scattered around the park

Keoladeo National Park

Some of the animals I saw inside the park:

Keoladeo National Park Band of Monkeys

Keoladeo National Park Jackal

Keoladeo National Park Heron

Keoladeo National Park - Best Place in India for Bird Watching Herons and an Ibis

Keoladeo National Park Cormorants

Keoladeo National Park Snake Bird

Keoladeo National Park Peacock

Keoladeo National Park Any idea what kind of bird this is?

Keoladeo National Park Our guides told us that they consider this as India’s Luck Bird

Keoladeo National Park Sambar Deers

Keoladeo National Park Indian Antelope

Keoladeo National Park Monitor Lizard

A Few Tips

1. Ticket is 400 Rupees per person and extra charge for video cameras (free for still cameras – digicams and dslrs).

2. You can rent a bike inside or ride a rickshaw for 70 Rupee per hour. We opted to rent a rickshaw instead and our driver also doubled as our tour guide. We got to see more animals because out guide lead us to some nice places to view birds and animals. He also told us some bits of facts about the birds that we saw.

3. Go there early in the morning to see the peacocks. They tend to hide at around noon time.

4. Bring bottled water. It could get very hot at midday.

5. Bring your camera and tripod for clearer pictures.

A little request: Please don’t leave your trash behind 🙂


  1. Hey Flip,
    Great pictures, it looks really nice there.. Very rustic and serene.. The peacocks have the right idea hiding from the mid day sun!


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