Chilling Out in Kibber

Kibber is known as the highest village (4270M) with a motorable pass in the world. Gone are the days when you have to probably trek or hire a donkey, horse or a yak to get here. There’s now a bus that goes here daily from Kaza (about an hour of travel or less).

We heard about Kibber from our fellow travellers that we met in Tabo and we’ve decided to spend a few days in this town as well.

Kibber is a very small town and there’re no shops and only a few guesthouses. We stayed in a guesthouse run by a local family. We also met in the same guesthouse the travellers that we kept on meeting in various places in Himachal Pradesh.

There’s nothing much to do in Kibber but to enjoy nature and hike the various hills. It’s so serene and quiet and we spent most evenings having dinner with our fellow travellers while exchanging travel stories.

Kibber is one of the small villages that I’ve been to that I really really like. Partly because the people that I’ve travelled with in Kibber are a good bunch of people and the family that runs the place that we stayed in are very friendly too.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took in Kibber.

Chilling Out in Kibber

Kibber White-washed houses in Kibber

Kibber Flocks of animals. There seems to be more animals here than people LOL.

Kibber Eeyore and Friends LOL

Kibber Stupas in the surrounding hills


The best time to visit Kibber would probably be around June to July when it’s not very cold. But don’t leave your jackets behind as it’s still quite cold up there.

Have a safe trip!


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