Top Destinations in the South Pacific for your Next Port of Call

If you are planning on taking any of the South pacific cruises available, you will want to have a look at a few particular ports of call. Several of the most popular ports are Nassau, in the Bahamas and Bora Bora, one of the French Polynesian Islands.

Port of Nassau

Top Destinations in the South Pacific for your Next Port of Call

Nassau is a gorgeous tropical island that has tree lined streets and soft white, sandy beaches. One thing that makes this a very popular tourist port, is the ease of access from south Florida. Vacationers can take in the natural beauty and relax on the beach or be more adventurous and head out to commune with the dolphins. There are great casinos and literally thousands of duty-free shops to browse through.

If you are trying to relax or want to see all of the amazing sights, Nassau holds a complete package for travelers. One of the popular mega hotels and resorts is the Atlantis. It is equipped with many breathtaking aquariums and shops all encased within the resort area. For travelers wanting to have a drink and enjoy the local cuisine, many restaurants and bars are available, such as Senior Frog’s. It is located on the pier, near the waterfront. If you are looking for less adventure, grab a hammock and rest on Gilligan’s Island.

Nassau has a blend of influences that range from West African to England. Haiti and the United States also have significant imprints on the island. Another place to make note of while you are in Nassau is the Ardastra Gardens. You can spend hours exploring this five and a half acre garden. It has amazing wildlife and detailed tourist guides, so you will not miss anything of importance.

Port of Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Another fantastic port is Bora Bora. It is north of the Leeward Islands. The island is most popular for honeymooners and those wanting a more quiet private vacation. This island has been deemed the most beautiful island. Travelers can choose to lounge on the beautiful blue-green waters of the lagoon or examine the remains of several local extinct volcanoes. Both, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu have awe inspired scenery and gorgeous peaks. The island is for outdoor enthusiasts.

Many tourists will travel to the island and plan to relax, but the adventure and beauty that awaits propels visitors to explore. The preferred method of travel is by bicycle. Sightseers can literally traverse the entire island by this means. Shopping is another essential thing to put on your list. While traveling and seeing the sights, you will have ample opportunity to shop from the many available markets.

Many famous authors and movie stars visit the island repeatedly. For tourists that want to snorkel or scuba dive, Bora Bora is a world class area for these activities. Most South Pacific Cruises offer travelers usually a two-day call into this port. Travelers will have access to a local internet cafe or can have a thrilling time heading off-road four-wheeling with a guide.

Photo Credits: Nassau bu IchSapphire/ Bora bora by Benoit Mahe

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