How to Go to Sarahan from Shimla

Sarahan is one of those off the beaten path destination that we’ve decided to visit on this trip. I have never heard anything about this place from the people that I’ve met but I’ve read in some forums that this is a nice place to check out and one should spend a day or two before they go straight to Kinnaur or Spiti Valley.

Our travel to Sarahan is quite easy and straight forward. If you’re coming from Shimla just walk towards the Lakkar Bazaar bus station and take a bus to Rampur.

Usually, there’s one direct bus to Sarahan (some say) but when we were there we were just told to take a connecting bus instead in Rampur. Maybe the bust had left already when we got to the bus station or maybe it just wasn’t available that day. The bus fare is just 148 Rupees for one person.

Reservation is also not allowed, you just have to buy the ticket the day of your departure.

The trip to Rampur was around four to five hours stopping a couple of times for snacks and toilet breaks. It was such a scenic route that you I didn’t fell asleep along the way even if I feel so tired and sleepy for waking up so early.

We arrived at the bus station in Rampur at 4PM and luckily the bus to Sarahan just arrived a few minutes after. The bus fare to Sarahan was only less than 40 Rupees (I forgot the exact amount) and the trip took just two to three hours.

The road to Sarahan is even more beautiful as we see more of the snow capped peaks of the mountains surrounding the area. As we got nearer and nearer, I noticed that the road is lined with apricot trees. I also saw a lot of variety of birds that I’ve never seen in my life.

After almost three hours, we arrived in this very small town called Sarahan. The snow capped mountain peaks are visible even in the late afternoon. Sarahan easily became one of my favourite small towns. And the journey to this small town is also one of the most scenic routes that I’ve ever been to.

Here’s a few pics that I’ve taken along the way.

How to Go to Sarahan from Shimla

Mountains and hills everywhere

Hindustan Tibet Road landmark

LOL! I know now where Winnie the Pooh lives!!!


  1. oooh. I like discovering these little unknown by the rest of the world small towns. next time i’m in india then!


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