The Very Best Music Venues In Spain

There are a number of sporting and cultural disciplines in which the Spanish are regarded as the world’s best. Their national football play the beautiful game with a style and pinache unmatched by other countries. The Spanish chefs create some of the most delicious cuisine imaginable. And Spanish musicians have the special ability to craft and play music that stands out for all the right reasons. The specialist travel time at Directline-holidays encourage you to visit the following musical venues for the chance to catch Spanish acts at the top of their game.

The Very Best Music Venues In Spain


This is the perfect place to come and watch passionate flamenco dancing during your holidays to Spain in 2013. You’ll almost certainly be impressed by the unrelenting rhythm that the talented and highly attractive dancers manage to maintain. You might even find love in one of Madrid’s most stylish and atmospheric bar rooms.


The jazz played at this chic bar in the heart of Madrid is of a highly experimental nature. Stay here for long enough and you’ll hear improvised bass guitar solos, pretty saxophone playing and the distinctive sounds of the double bass. You’ll want to arrive early in order to find some seating.



You should definitely spend the evening at this popular live music venue in Barcelona as part of your fun filled all inclusive holidays. The musical offerings will range from up-tempo drum and bass to happy clappy Spanish pop. Internationally acclaimed bands perform here fairly regularly.

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar

This jazz venue has become increasingly popular among the local residents of Valencia in recent times. You could join them and listen to traditional and modern jazz performers from across Europe. It may also be tempting to try some of the special cocktails created by the bar owner.



This bar in Valencia was previously known as the Roxy Club. It has acted as the venue for sellout performances by the Divine Comedy, Ocean Colour Scene and Supergrass over the years. Why not check out who’s playing when you’re on holidays to Spain in 2013?

Photo Credits (Flickr Creative Commons): Flamenco by waferboard/ Jazz band by Jaime Ortiz/ Guitar by dleell

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