Flipnomad’s Photo Thursday – The Snake Charmer of Jaipur

Snake Charmer of Jaipur

I’ve seen this in movies and I’ve read about them in books and I never thought that I will ever see one. But fortunately I saw a snake charmer in Jaipur.

He was sitting outside the City Palace of Jaipur, playing his flute.


  1. It’s crazy to see in real life isn’t it? I think the snake is without bite but it’s still so impressive!

  2. this mesmerizes me and one which evokes my dream adventure, in the land of maharaja. I so love your India posts Plif.

  3. I was in Sri Lanka last week and I was sitting in front of cobra playing on snake charmer’s instrument. I was so scared but I managed to to it ! 🙂 Nice shot. Reminds me a lot of Sri Lanka.


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