How to Discover Copenhagen without Breaking the Bank

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Northern Europe and visitors flock to the Danish capital to take in the castles, lakes, palaces and museums. However, despite the city’s elegance and beauty many visitors leave feeling thoroughly ripped off. Copenhagen is famed for its expensive food, beer and practically every other necessity a tourist can think of, but with better knowledge of the city travellers can enjoy all that Copenhagen has to offer whilst leaving with their wallets relatively intact.

Here is three top money saving tips for visiting Denmark’s most exciting city.

1. Choose a house stay or private listed apartment – Copenhagen’s hotel and hostel industry is notoriously over-priced. By booking an apartment in Copenhagen you not only save money on the cost of your stay but can also use their facilities to cook and wash your clothes. It is through food and other amenities that a traveller can really save their money. Self-catering rather than eating out for most meals will cut you expenditure for the trip almost in half. Companies such as Wimdu, offer platforms where local host can offer accommodation to travellers for a fraction of the charge of the hotels. This new form of alternative travelling puts tourism money back into local hands and in turn hosts offer exceptional advice of where to go and what to see that you just wouldn’t find in a travel guide.

2. Sightseeing by bike – Voted the best freebie in Europe by lonely planet, Copenhagen’s free bike scheme is an excellent, free and green way to travel around the city. Just like you would for a shopping trolley(kart), you can put a 20 kronaor 2 euro coin into the bike the release the lock.You can then cycle around on the Copenhagen’s 375 km of cycle lanes.


3. Explore the city limits– Visitors often forget that Copenhagen is home to some of the finest beaches in northern Europe. In the summer months especially, a day by the sea is a rewarding and importantly free way of getting to know another aspect of the Danish capital. The beach is accessible by Copenhagen excellent local metro network, this network is very affordable and can take you to places such as Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Sculpture Park.


4. Keep your receipts – This is another tip from Copenhagen that many people simply forget. You have the right to get the value added tax returned to you. Simply collect all your receipts of transaction from your trip and produce them to the counter at the airport. This is a great way on saving money as you can claim 25% of what you spent back. For more information about claiming back VAT whilst in Europe see here.

Photo Credits (Flick Creative Commons): Copenhagen by xiquinhosilva/ Bike by Sarah Ackerman/ Copenhagen by Jamesz_Flickr

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