Where to buy mobile phones in Phnom Penh?

Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our travels as time goes by. It gives us a chance to communicate to our love ones anywhere we are. Smart phones are also becoming a popular choice among travellers since it gives them access not only to the basic call and text features of a mobile phone but as well as access to the internet.

Aside from call, text and browsing the internet, smart phones nowadays provide a variety of useful applications like currency converter, gps, ebook reader and more.

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy tablet in Phnom Penh and after comparing the price of various online stores in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Phnom Penh, I decided to buy it here since it seems cheaper.

If you’re in Phnom Penh and if you’re thinking of buying a smartphone or tablet, here are some of the places I recommend you go to:

1. Sorya Mall: Go to the Sony Shop at the 3rd floor

Where to buy mobile phones in Phnom Penh?

2. Celphone Market Near Sorya: This is just located at the right side of Sorya (if you’re facing the mall)

where to buy mobile phones in siem reap

3. Central Market: Go to the center and you’ll easily spot the gadget sections. Sometimes they have second hand iphones, itouch, dslrs and other gadgets.

Central Market

4. Street 126 (Near Central Market): There maybe more than ten shops here selling brand new and second hand mobile phones and smart phones.

where to buy mobile phones in Phnom Penh

Here are some tips that could help you grab a great deal here.

1. Always Compare Price Before Purchase: Most expat forums that I’ve checked said that it’s more expensive to buy in Sorya Mall but after checking prices I realized that it does not apply to all the products especially if they have ongoing promotion.

2. Check Online Prices: Check online prices before you go to stores so you have an idea how much the real price is.

3. Bargain: Bargain hard but politely.

4. Ask for Freebies: Ask for a free screen protector or a protective case. If they wouldn’t give it to you for free chances are they already hit the lowest price that they could go for. Ask for discount instead to the additional accessories that you need.

5. With or Without Warranty: The price with warranty is different with the ones without. I opted to buy mine without warranty since I would be travelling anyway and they’re just offering local warranty. It would be great if you find a shop that offers global warranties to product.


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