How Much Did I Spend in Sihanoukville?

On my first few days in Sihanoukville (specificially in Serendipity Beach), I thought that it’s a bit expensive but as days go by I realized that there are still lots of cheap options for budget travellers like me.

Bamboo Island

Here’s how much I spent for the one month that I stayed in Sihanoukville:

How Much Did I Spend in Sihanoukville?

Total of $335.59.


We arrived around 10PM at night and decided to stay a night in downtown which cost us $10. The following morning, we went to Serendipity to look for accommodations near the beach. We got a room and was able to bargain it down to $250/month. Their daily rate is at $15. It’s a basic room with TV, own bathroom and fan. Quite expensive though for a fan room I think but it’s very comfortable and we’re just 2 minutes away from the beach.


There are lots of restaurants and bars in Serendipity. We do occasionally go to some buffets but for most meals, we usually buy our food to local vendors. One meal usually cost a dollar (and sometimes less). We were able to save money on drinks because got free drinking water from the hostel too.


Island hopping tour in Sihanoukville is not that expensive as well. There are many islands to go to. The cheapest is a $15 tour to Bamboo island and two other islands including breakfast and lunch.


We bought a rice cooker so we could have as much rice as we want. Steamed rice in local shops cost 1000 Riel or $0.25 while one kilo of uncooked rice is just 2000 Riel or $0.50. We’re gonna leave it though after our stay in Phnom Penh a it’s quite bulky.

I hope my expense report gives you an idea on how much things are in Sihanoukville. You could always go above it if you have the money or even spend less if you’re on a tighter budget.

Travelling does not need to be expensive ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. That’s quite cheap. I spent a month in Siem Reap & spent much more than that. Since I was teaching in a school, my daily expense of commuting to & fro was between $4.5-6.

    But the room with fridge, bed, wardrobe, small kitchenette was the bargain. $140 for 2 people. We had to buy drinking water though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Those are some good prices and no doubt worth even a little extra!

  3. hindi namin napuntahan to when we went cambodia.. thanks for this info at baka balikan na lang din.. heheh

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