How to Find Apartments in Cambodia

A lot of travellers like me are now inclined towards staying longer in one place. People are starting to embrace slow travelling since it enables us to enjoy and experience a particular place fully.

Staying longer could also help long term travellers save money. Hostel and hotels owners usually give a huge discount for those staying for a few weeks or for months. But for those who are not comfortable with staying in guesthouses, another good alternative is staying in apartments.

For those who are thinking of staying for a few months in Cambodia, I came up with a list of resources that could help you find an apartment in this country. I hope that this list could help you find apartments in Cambodia, if in case you’re thinking of staying here for a few months.


1. Angkor Real Estate

2. Tonghor

3. Bongthom Classifieds

4. Sihananoukville Villa

5. Real Estates Cambodia

6. Pond Growth

7. Independent Property Services

8. Cambodia Real Estate

9. Taxivantha

10. Bonna Realty

11.  Kamreal

12. Khmer Announces

13. Knight Frank

14. CDN Property

15. Sihanoukville Realty

16. Visal Real Estates

17. Cambodia Estate Agent

18. Home Khmer

19. CBRE

20. Siem Reap Properties

21. Siem Reap Rental

22. CPL Agent

23. Khmer Real Estates

24. Cambodia Chic

25. Bees Property

If you’re looking for an apartment in Cambodia, check these listings out s you would have an idea of how much they cost. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you might also try walking around an area of your choice and ask locals and expats for some information.


  1. What a great list of companies where you can go for apartment rentals in Cambodia. Really is crazy how cheap it can be to rent an apartment for a month!

  2. I’d like to come here and travel slow. Really want to go back to Thailand, and to to Cambodia, Laos as well.

  3. wow! thanks for this list flip! will definitely check this out to see if something can beat the place where we are currently staying 😉

  4. thanks for this post, flip! i might just move for a few months in siem reap. so this will really help.


  1. […] We had a hard time looking for hostels that offers studio rooms with kitchen so we just stayed in a hostel and asked for their monthly rate. If you’re going to stay in Phnom Penh for three months or more, I do recommend though that you rent an apartment instead so you could have a more comfortable stay in this city. I made a listings of online resources that could help you find an apartment in Phnom Penh. […]

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