Free Days Out in the UK

England isn’t always the most economical place to visit, and when you’re working with a small budget deciding what do to can be overwhelming. There are some sights that you’ll have to shell out for because the experience is worth it, but there are lots of great things to see and do around the country that won’t cost you a penny. You just need to know where to look.


In an effort to make museums more accessible and to bring in more visitors government sponsored museums in the UK have been free since 2001. This is a pound saving trick that many locals don’t even know about. This means that you can spend the day exploring some of the best museums and art galleries in the world and it won’t cost you a penny! Some of the free museums around the UK that are well worth the visit include the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum in London, the World Museum and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, and St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow.


Holyrood Park

The UK is filled to the brim with beautiful green spaces and they are yours to discover for free. Pack yourself a picnic and head out on a day of exploration. Many of these green spaces have been protected for centuries and are great free history lessons for anyone wishing to learn. Garden lovers will appreciate these vast herbaceous landscapes as well, many of which house plant species from around the world. Visitors to London can visit Regent’s Park, once the private hunting ground of Henry VIII, and Richmond Park, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a National Nature Reserve. Those heading outside the capital should consider Grosvenor Park in Chester, Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, and Sefton Park in Liverpool.


Borough Market The wares on sale may not be free but markets are a great place for travellers. There are few better places to spend some time people watching, and markets are one of the few places that travellers and locals get to interact on almost equal terms. Food markets often also have the added bonus of lots of tasty testers. If you show up just before lunch you won’t have to spend a penny on food as you’ll fill up on free testers! London has markets around just about every corner, but a couple of good ones to look out for are Spitalfields Market, filled with fashion, art and food, and the Borough Market which is a foodie paradise. Local markets abound throughout the UK; a few top ones include St Nicholas Market in Bristol and St. George’s Market in Belfast.

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Author’s Bio: Amanda Andrews is a Canadian living in England who loves to travel and see the world. Amanda has travelled extensively through North America, Europe, and Australia and loves to share with others what she has learned along the way.

Photo Credits: Holyrood park by pasunejen/ Borough market by Bernt Rostad


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