The Beaches of Sihanoukville

I’m not really that familiar with the coastal areas of Cambodia and I’ve never been to any beaches here until I got to Sihanoukville. And I never thought that I was in for a nice surprise. There really are nice beaches in Sihanoukville.

Here are some of the beaches that I went to in Sihanoukville:


The Beaches of Sihanoukville


Serendipity is the area where most bars are located. It is connected to Occheuteal Beach and together, they’re considered as the longest and most popular beach in Sihanoukville. It has a nice white sand shore and clear water but on the latter part of the trip I noticed that there are floating trash getting washed ashore. I didn’t see those on my first two weeks here though. I’m not sure if it was carried here by the current from another place or what. But I do hope that they keep this beach clean.



Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia. It has a clean white sandy shore and clear shallow water ideal for swimming.


Sokha Beach

Another beautiful white sand beach in Sihanoukville and there’s only one resort in this beach. There’s a portion which is accessible to the public. It’s also well maintain and very clean.

Bamboo Island:

Bamboo Island

Only accessible by boat. Bamboo island is a very laidback island with nice clear water. The island is not fully developed but there are a few beach huts for rent and one restaurant in this island. Overnight accommodation is permitted.

There are a lot more to go to which I opted not to visit anymore so I’ll have something to look forward again when I go back to Sihanoukville.


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