FlipNomad’s Photo Thursday – Siargao Airport

Possibly one of the smallest airport in the world?

FlipNomad's Photo Thursday - Siargao Airport

Siargao Airport in Surigao, Philippines

I took this picture on our flights from Siargao to Cebu City. It was an unscheduled travel with my friend and we went straight back to our offices to work right after the trip.

This airport could possibly one of the smallest airports in the world. On your left is the arrival area and on your right is the departure area, it’s just as big as a small flat probably not bigger than 50 sqm (excluding the runway of course LOL).


  1. Woot. Di pa ako nakakapunta ng Siargao. The smallest so far na nakita ko is yung airport sa San Fernando, La Union.

  2. joan | the backpack chronicles says:

    Wow ang liit naman ng Airport na yan! May ganyan pala kaliit na airport? Ang galing lang

  3. Ha Ha…
    True! Must be the smallest airport! Do passengers load their luggage into the plane themselves? We had to do it in Almaty but the airport was definitely bigger than this one. 🙂

  4. still betting on Itbayat airport. lols.

  5. it’s basically just a shelter. in Manila it could be just one big waiting shed. i have yet to explore siargao.

  6. Is the airport taht small? Can not imagime could exhist something similar! So weird!

  7. Wow! I thought the airport in Siargao is a little big bec the place is a popular tourist destination! Pero keber lang, maganda naman ang lugar=)

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