The New Phenomena in Pre-Wedding Getaways

Stag and hen do’s used to be synonymous with feather boas, L-plates and dubious pranks being played on the groom or bride to be, but with a new, older generation of couples tying the knot, many are opting for a more sophisticated weekend away to celebrate their last days of singledom.

Whilst a night down the pub or local club, or a couple of days in bold and brash Blackpool can be great for those in their twenties, more and more couples in their 30’s and 40’s are opting for more memorable, cultural and upmarket ways to enjoy their time away.

City breaks are a popular option, and although slightly more pricey than a night down the pub, offer a wealth of dining, cultural and nightlife options than can satisfy the varying demands of a group. With cost still a factor, especially when expecting a collection of friends to pay to celebrate alongside the hen or stag, it’s worth shopping around for the Cheapest flights, and with many airlines competing with each other to encourage travellers to part with their hard earned cash in this challenging economic climate, there are some fantastic bargains to be had.

So where should you choose for your destination party venue? Well this will probably depend on the group of people, budget and age range, but one popular choice is Dublin.

The New Phenomena in Pre-Wedding Getaways

With pubs galore, it’s a great venue for those wanting to relax, pint of the black stuff in hand, and shoot the breeze with old friends. Some might think it’s more popular with stags for this reason, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With Dublin offering fine dining options that rival London and Paris, and a host of trendy nightclubs too, there’s certainly plenty on offer for the ladies as well.

Culturally speaking Dublin doesn’t disappoint either, with a variety of museums and art galleries to keep all you culture vultures entertained. But if you’re just after ‘the craic’ why not just head to one of the traditional pubs and enjoy a pint or two. With regular and affordable flights to Dublin leaving from all the major UK airports it’s definitely ranked high in hen and stag do wish-lists over the last few years.

But if Dublin doesn’t sound like your thing and you’d like to try something different, how about Amsterdam.

Amsterdam at night

This eclectic and vibrant city has so much to offer and boasts one of the largest historic city centres in all of Europe; take a leisurely stroll through the walkways and canal paths, sample the vibrant café culture and check out the infamous red light district. For hen and stag do’s there are restaurant galore for that pre-clubbing meal and a host of party venues open till the small hours of the morning.

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for those wanting a little bit more from their party weekend, which is probably why over 3 million visitors flock here each year in search of fun, culture and relaxation.

Flights to Amsterdam are being offered at extremely competitive rates at the moment and with various accommodation choices from hotels to five star hotels, there will certainly be something to fit a group travel scenario, whatever the budget.

Photo Credits: Dublin at Night by D464/Amsterdam at Night by Fred Hsu

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