Sihanoukville – My First Impression

Sihanoukville is the main destinations of locals and foreign travellers who want to see and experience the beaches of Cambodia. It’s proximity to Phnom Penh makes it an easy destination to go to. I also noticed that Sihanoukville has a different look compare to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. I didn’t see any colonial buildings nor any ancient temples. It does however have white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Sihanoukville - My First Impression

Where to Stay

Sihanoukville has three main areas to choose from. You can stay in downtown which is just a short moto away from the beaches and centrally located as well if you want to see all beaches in Sihanoukville. You can also stay in Serendipity and Ochheuteal Beaches (which is where I stayed). This area proves to be the most popular choice among travellers because of the beauty of the beach. Another option is to stay in Victory Hill which is known to be the backpackers hub of Sihanoukville due to a lot of options when it comes to cheap eats and accommodations.

Where to Eat

There are lots of restaurants here in Serendipity Beach and the price range of lunches and dinners starts from $2. There are also lots of vendors on the beach though selling fish, grilled squids, shrimps and other seafood. There are also affordable eateries near the Golden Lion roundabout where locals eat.


Moto and Tuktuks are the main transportation around town. As soon as you get foo the bus, you can hail a tuktuk or a moto that can take you to your hotel. Tuktuk’s average cost seems to be around $2 to anywhere in the town and $1 for moto.


There are ATMs in town and one in Serendipity Beach (ANZ ) and a couple more near the Golden Lion roundabout.


Serendipity and Occheuteal Beaches are beautiful. They have soft white sand and clear water. However, there seem to be a variety of trash floating and getting washed ashore recently. It’s very sad to see garbage in a beautiful beach. I do hope though that all establishments on the beach will be held accountable to clean at least the shore in front of their restaurants.

There are also a lot of beggars on the beach. A lot of them are amputees and children. It’s hard to not give some money but at the same time I don’t want to encourage them to continue begging. It’s just a heartbreaking scenario.

Sokha and Otres beach are different though. They have long stretch of white sandy beaches and shallow crystal clear water. There’s only one high end resort in Sokha but the beach is accessible to the public. There’s quite a handful of choices of accommodation in Otres 🙂

My one month stay in Sihanoukville helped me see another part of Cambodia and helped me learn about its people. I love Cambodia and I admire its people especially the people that I’ve met. They’re very hardworking and endearing people.

After being here for a month, I became a familiar face to them. They started talking to me about a variety of things instead of offering any merchandise that they’re selling. It’s really more fun and meaningful to stay longer in one place.


  1. Napanganga ako sa sunset photo Flip hehe! Eto pala namiss-out ko. Hopefully I’ll still be given a chance to see this beautiful place one day. Enjoy your stay there. So jealous that you get to beach bum anytime of the day 😀

  2. didn’t realize that it has been a month since I went there. had a great time hanging out with you and bino. see you on the road flip! ^_^

  3. Beautiful – Sokha and Otres beaches sound particularly appealing!

  4. I agree with you — there was so much trash floating in the beaches. That was something that we absolutely hated about Sihanoukville. I’m glad that you enjoyed your time there.

  5. Looks like a perfect place to write a dramatic screenplay.

  6. JODYxBUFFY says:

    In addition to staying near / at the beaches, one can spend a night or two on the nearby islands. On the way there, your boat will pass the “Bridge to Nowhere” (built by a wealthy Russian in the hopes of creating a casino island). What a waste…

  7. it’s sad that i missed sihanoukville during my stay there. more stories from my fave country please! 😉 i miss cambodia.

  8. Sounds like a good place to stop to take a break from the traditional/expected stuff!

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