How to Go to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap

The options to go to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap is pretty much easy and straightforward. We booked our tickets in our hostel for a direct bus (stop and change bus at Phnom Penh) for only $9. It might be cheaper if you book directly with the bus company’s along Sivatha Road.

Alternatively, you could also buy a bus ticket to Phnom Penh which will cost you around $5-$6 for a day trip and more for a night trip and then once you arrive in the bus station in Phnom Penh, you could book another bus ticket to Sihanoukville.

The trip to Phnom Penh took around 8 hours since we did a couple of stops for bathroom and snacks break. Upon our arrival in Phnom Penh at around 2PM, we waited for another 30 minutes before the bus for Sihanoukville left.

We arrived in Sihanoukville a bit late (around 8PM) because of the couple of stops that we did along the way. But other than that, the trip was very comfortable and definitely affordable.

How to Go to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap

Here are some tips for a smooth overland trip to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap:

1. The trip takes a total of around 12 hours (including all the stops) so you better pack some food and water. The bus stops insome restaurants along the way but as we all know the food is not really that cheap in those places.

2. It can be a bit cold inside the bus so having your scarves or hoodie/sweater in your hand carried bag will be very useful.

3. There have been quite some incidents on the night bus trips and most people that I’ve personally talked to encouraged us to take the day trip instead.

4. Upon arrival in Sihanoukville, Tuktuks and Motos are available in the bus stops to take tourists from there to their destinations (usually Ochheuteal, Serendipity, Victory or Otres Beach). Make sure to bargain especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

5. Enjoy the ride. The road from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville is gorgeous as you get to pass by the countryside of Cambodia.

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