5 Great Art Galleries to Visit Whilst in Bangkok

Thailand is a beautiful country whose history and landscapes have inspired generations of artists. They ply their trade in Bangkok in the form of small and large art galleries. One of the best ways to experience the city is by spending a day to soak in the culture and notions expressed through the eyes of local and national artists. Whether you are an arty type or are just looking to for inspiration you should search out these 5 creative galleries.

Koi Art Gallery

A creative setting with art deco furniture will welcome you into this trendy little art gallery where Thai contemporary artists hold exhibits as well as international guest artists. The atmosphere is chic, but you’ll fit right in if its art that you appreciate. The two-floored gallery is located on Sukhumvit 31, which is a rising star in the Thai world of artsy areas. This is a great place to see art dealing with a contemporary society and change.

Toot Yung Gallery

This eclectic space is another of Bangkok’s rising wonders in the art world. It’s a perfect gallery for those looking to experience all forms of art from video to traditional painting, as a treat they fuse music with art to entertain the hip crowd . The French founder of Toot Yung Gallery had the idea to create a space for artists to mingle and learn about new artists interested in breaking into the art scene. For visitors, this gallery has the unique advantage of giving you an insight into the artistic world. It’s located on Prachathipatai Road.

100 Tonson Art Gallery

A gallery that offers visitors an experience in multiple forms of artistic media, the 100 Tonson Gallery is a surprisingly beautiful and clean space where it’s all about the art and nothing but, it stands out to afford good examinations thanks to its simple box shape. You’ll find 100 Tonson at the address of the same name. National and international artists are represented, and the space is known as one of the top galleries in the city.

Peony House

5 Great Art Galleries to Visit Whilst in Bangkok

One for the ladies, Peony House is a delectable and sophisticated gallery. It draws you in with contemporary designs and the fresh aromas of floral scents, brewing tea and sweet cakes. Naturally, the Peony House makes for a superb place to relax and enjoy an afternoon tea, while also offering a charming experience as you view the gallery. It houses works by national and international artists, which change on a regular basis. The rooms are decorated with beautifully light water- colored paintings. It’s located in Soi Saladang on Silom Road.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Center

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

So far we’ve highlight some of the most popular, but overall small galleries. No list of Bangkok art galleries would be complete without mention of the city’s cultural center and art gallery. The Bangkok Art and Cultural Center is a large complex that brings together art and education across a wide spectrum of media and from a range of styles. Both old and new world art is represented and visitors themselves can interact with some aspects of the center, students often go to watch cultural videos or a theatre play. You’ll find sculptures, paintings, photography and fine art. Keep in mind that the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center, located in Patumwan, is closed on Mondays.

Bangkok’s art scene is growing every year. Artists and gallery owners work hard to present new talent to the public, which is oftentimes somewhat unresponsive. Spending a day visiting the art hotspots of Bangkok is not only a great way to see the city (as the galleries are dotted throughout), but it is also an optimal way to support locals artists speak their words through
visuals, remember a picture speaks a thousand words, what will it say to you!

 This post is contributed by Preeti.

Photo Credits: BACC by BernieCN/Peony House bytanuntipw


  1. I just had a quick trip to Bangkok, on my way back from Sydey…so I just had the time to quicly sightsaw the city and popped into the Art and Cultural Center as mygirlfriend is fond of arts! I liked the center pretty much!

  2. The Bangkok arts scene is growing from strength to strength. Nice collection of galleries.

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